Action Computers is a value added reseller and computer service provider in Denver Colorado. Action can provide computer support for all of your computer, network and server needs. Action Computers has been providing computer and networking support in the Denver Metro area since 1993. Action Computers repairs computer slow down, lockups and other annoying computer system problems caused by virus, spyware or hardware and software failure. We repair desktops, notebooks and servers. Action Computers also sells quality name brand computer hardware and software. Our experience shows in our ability to solve your computer and network problems in a timely manner. Our goal is to solve your computer, server, network, internet and printer problems at the lowest cost to you. We will work hand and hand with you during the planning stage, and then complete your work on time and under budget.
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My work laptop was broken last week. I called and spoke to Dean. The store was very busy and he still took the time to help determine what would best suit my needs. I had a great customer service experience and I am very appreciative.


Excellent Service and good selection of refurbished laptops for parents without big budgets...


Dean was so helpful and friendly. He assisted me in finding options for me to work at home. I greatly appreciate his help Like


Great service focused on getting me the right product, not just the most expensive product. I just needed a basic affordable display for work-from-home setup and this was the perfect place to find one.


Mike and Dean were absolutely fantastic employees from the moment I walked in the door. They were quick to handle and answer my questions, and were very honest in their answers. I had questions about a laptop I was about to purchase from another individual, and Mike gave me great honest advice (even though I wasn’t purchasing it from Action). I ended up buying a nice monitor to pair with that laptop and they helped me set it up and sold me a keyboard and all the wires for it. Would recommend! 10/10


Dean was very helpful in getting me the correct setup for what I needed. Anyone that is on a budget looking for a great notebook look no further.


Action Computers has amazing products and service. Best service Ever!! I have purchased my computers from Action Computers for years. I recently upgraded to a larger monitor. I had a microphone problem with my laptop and needed to have a microphone for the next day. It was late in the afternoon. I called Action Computers and told them of my predicament. They told me to come to their store right away, even though they were about to close. When I arrived, Dean and Ben stayed late and took care of my situation. They gave me credit for the monitor I recently purchased, set me up with an All In One computer, keyboard and equipment needed to have it functioning by the next day. All of this was completed in 30 minutes!! They carried the new system to my car and I was able to easily set it up that evening. I feel so fortunate to have such a store with knowledgeable people in the neighborhood. I did not have to order online and wait. I did not have to go to a big box store and wait. All I had to do was call and explain my situation and get it resolved. It's like having your own IT department in the neighborhood. I'll only shop at Action Computers. I recommend everyone buy their equipment at Action Computers. Best service Ever!!!


This is a great place for an inexpensive refurbished computer. I have never had to bring one back so I can't speak to them handling customer warranty after a couple months or just future support down the road. But they have been great for me and my initial support. Had an issue with a computer I had purchased and they corrected my issue, partly my error not long after purchase. But they are very reasonable for what they sell. Like 75% off price of what a new unit is, but a good refurbished unit. I have purchased a couple units and accessories. Accessories are very reasonable, check them out it is worth the time when you are looking for a replacement computer/laptop and accessories! Got a wireless keyboard for my smart TV, very inexpensive! I would recommend to a friend.


I had a very pleasant buying experience here. My sales rep, Dean, was exceptionally knowledgeable, honest, forthright and patient. He talked me through all of my options and we landed on a solid and very affordable laptop. I recommend this store to anyone looking for a great deal and who appreciates honest and respectful business dealings.


Great place to get any of your computers worked on and purchase refurbished computers.


Super friendly staff, Dean, Mike Leo and the gang were super helpful, knowledgeable and helped us find the computer we were looking for! Nice selection on laptops!!


Action pc is better than micro center. Micro center has messed up my pc before. I built a pc and couldn't get it to boot so they got it to work. The best part is not only did they help set it up but it only took 10 minutes and I only paid 10 dollars :).


Dean is the guy - just ask for Dean he will walk you through all the purchase process and get you a great deal on any laptop of your choice. He took time to explain everything to me and set it up all quickly too. I definitely recommend.


This place is awesome! Dean is definitely the guy to talk to whether you're a novice with bunch of questions or expert. He was funny and knows his tech! Their prices definitely deliver bang for your buck Hidden gem in Denver for sure!


Service was very good. Products in store were limited compared to online listings although they do seem to sell a lot. Worked with me on trade ins as well. Offers in house upgrades to computers purchased.


I came here yesterday and it was great experience. Jeff always takes care of my computer needs. I had another place I went but didnt want to drive 60 miles there and back. That being said, Action will be my go to store for whatever I need. Thank you to Jeff and all of the staff for making this a great experience. I WILL be back soon.


Needed to find a replacement for my dead printer and these guys came through for me. Helped me find a solid replacement that I can count on. Thanks, Dean!


I had a really great experience with Devin today. He really did listen to me and met my needs EXACTLY. No pushy service. Very knowledgable. Friendly. The store is clean, well stocked, and plenty of salespersons to help you. Highly recommended.


Service was very good. Products in store were limited compared to online listings although they do seem to sell a lot. Worked with me on trade ins as well. Offers in house upgrades to computers purchased.


I had a very pleasant buying experience here. My sales rep, Dale, was exceptionally knowledgeable, honest, forthright and patient. He talked me through all of my options and we landed on a solid and very affordable laptop. I recommend this store to anyone looking for a great deal and who appreciates honest and respectful business dealings.


Leo is the absolute best. My roomie and I went in looking for a used PC and came out with more than we expected for the price. We have been trying to find a way to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 as our PS2 had broken and Leo recommended a machine with an on board graphics card that was more than enough. We went in the next day and bought a graphics card and now that budget machine is playing bigger games. You guys rock.


This is the go to place if you need a computer. They are knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I recently went to one of the big electronics stores to get a new desktop. Four months later I'm out looking for another one that meets my needs. I've purchased here about ten years ago and got a great computer at a reasonable price. Shame on me for not going straight back to them. I was expecting to spend over $800 to meet my needs and Action was able to do it for $500. The box stores don't have anything on this place. New or used, I'd give them a try. UPDATE: I've been back two more times to buy a laptop and another desktop. The staff is still great! They don't pressure you for anything and you know that you're getting. Don't go to a box store and buy a machine loaded with useless bloatware. Buy a clean machine here, you won't regret it.


dean was awesome. quick, efficient, service with good insight.


These guys are great, always take good care of me, I had a few issues with my computer ( I bought it there), and they fix it no questions asked, 5 stars all the way, if you want great customer service and reliability this is the place to go to. I absolutely recommend it. Gus Rodriguez. Denver CO.


These guys are great, always take good care of me, I had a few issues with my computer ( I bought it there), and they fix it no questions asked, 5 stars all the way, if you want great customer service and reliability this is the place to go to. I absolutely recommend it. Gus Rodriguez. Denver CO.


Awesome! Our company's new Go To place for systems!


Dusty was extremely helpful and I was able to find a great system for my mom at a great price!


This place is the best. I have been coming here since around 2005 when they helped me set my computer up for law school. I have since come by over the years for many and varied needs and have always left more than satisfied. They're trustworthy, highly competent, and won't oversell you. They anticipate your needs but will listen attentively as you try to explain them anyway. I call this place the Brain Trust because they are so incredibly smart and up-to-date on everything. You are in good hands here, but if for whatever reason they cannot help you, they have no ego about sending you somewhere else, though it's rare because they're truly quite capable. They are also very, very prompt. Lastly, to be honest, for a bunch of brainiacs they are amazingly sociable and outgoing and friendly. Everyone is welcomed and treated with respect, even ditzy blondes like me.


Great people that are really knowledgeable, helped me get a charger for my laptop!


I went to Action Computers for the first time and had such a great experience! I had just my lunch hour to see if they could help me retrieve a file and I wasn’t sure if they would even look at it as a walk-in customer or how much it would cost. Thankfully, Dusty stopped what he was doing and looked at it right away. It is good to know that for just a few bucks and ten minutes you can get expert advice or problem-solving. I’ll definitely return!



They probably have the best deals you can get, my family has gotten 2 laptops already from there and I'm going to get another one from them soon, and they gave me a free laptop cooling pad from previous purchases.


Best place to buy a decent used computer equipment in Denver


Awesome people. Honest and fair.


Quailty refurbished computers. The nicest most helpful staff and GREAT prices.


I've purchased 3 computers, traded a couple devices and have had my computers serviced here over the last several years. These guys are amazing even when they are super busy, they make a huge effort to help with anything you need! I brought my computer in last night with a dead battery. I was told they could test it out on the spot and they did... confirming a very dead battery! I'm a student and needed the computer quickly to continue my school work. I was told over the phone, it takes an average of a week to get computers serviced (they're competition takes a month, FYI). Instead, they offered to replace the battery from the same model they had in-shop. The price was right and they did it right away. I was out of there in less than 1/2 hour! These guys have never done me wrong... they sell great computers and are always ready to make a deal. Thank you Action Computers! Especially, Leo and Jeff who made things happen for me last night!


If your computer is slowing down or acting badly, I recommend Dean at Action Computer. He knows his stuff. If you want an affordable, 'zippidy doo dah fast' machine, ask for Dean.


I have made several purchases from Action Computers, and I have been treated with such great kindness, respect, and appreciation every single time. As a single mama with two computer-gaming kiddos, I can’t always afford the newest and the coolest, but I do know that I can go into AC and one of the team members there will walk me through what I need to get to achieve my kids’ gaming goals. The prices are fantastic, and they are generous with discounts for their established customers. I go here first. And then I don’t need to go anywhere else. :) Thank you store manager Jeff and the AC team! You are appreciated.


Dean is Super nice and friendly, told him I wanted the deal on the wedsite ( showed him wedsite to get the full deal). He pulled down everything. I was in and out if the store in 15 mins. I will be a FOREVER customer.


Purchased a laptop and docking station and impressed by the quality service and easy process. Service rep was excellent and easy to work with. Having purchased several computers over the years, Action Computers simply stands out.


I am getting some things done on my gaming tower and let me tell you, these guys are amazing they work quickly they Give you updates all the time on your CPU they also are very friendly and reliable I am big into gaming and needed my computer back within a few days so they offer a one time fee of $125 for a rush service which is reasonable compared to other places I've dealt with in the past, their diagnostic test are very reasonably priced as well as most places charge upwards of $99 just for a diagnostic test if you're Looking to get your computer fixed in a fast reasonable time I would definitely check out these guys as they are the best I found in the area will definitely be back in the future if my computer has any problems or issues again or even just to simply add more ram or more hard drive space into my computer


Just needed a replacement charger for an old laptop I'm fixing for my neighbor. The guy behind the counter knew the right type from 10 feet away, sold me a used one for 17 bucks and change. The shop up the street wanted 50 for the wrong charger. Nice and easy.


These folk are just the best. They affirmed my diagnosis without charge. So I bought some very reasonably priced upgrade parts. People were friendly and professional. Highly Recommended!


My boyfriend and I had an awesome experience. Dean was extremely helpful and friendly, highly recommended!


Great group of guys! Honest and professional.


Super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable staff! I had a lot of questions and they had a lot of answers. I recently purchased two refurbished laptops from them. Then had them recover the data off of two old laptops. They cut me a great deal, and said that "worst case" it may take up to a week and a half. Three days later everything was done and dusted. I really cannot recommend this place enough! They absolutely made a regular customer out of me.


Only place to get a used computer amd always has good deals.


Jason really fixed me up for school, at a really reasonable price. I'm touched that they already had vlc installed.


Friendly sales people, extended warranty, good prices, clean shop.


Highly recommend this place. Dean was knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, and more. Top notch customer service. I'm super excited about the refurbished laptop I bought from here!


I love Action Computers. Always so helpful. They recycled everything I brought them. I also bought my second laptop from them today. They never make me feel dumb and I've never had a problem with anything I've gotten there.


I showed up at 5:30pm (30 minutes prior to close) on a Friday and Dean (happily) went above and beyond getting me the best deal for my needs. He really listened to my needs and guided me to the best choice. He got me out of there shortly after 6pm with my two laptops and the staff even added the anti-virus software on the computers for me before I left. Top notch service and loads of quality products to choose from. Highly recommend this store!


I came into Action hoping to find my son a good used computer. His online high school suggests them as the best used computer source in Denver. Dean was a terrific help. I'm leaving feeling happy about his knowledge, low pressure sales tactics and over all helping me know what the best choice was! Thanks Dean! Thanks Action! I'll be back next time I need a computer!


Cheap doesn't mean bad when you buy your PC or laptop here


BEST AMAZON ORDER EVER! A beautiful notebook...loaded with latest software ...great price!!


I needed an emergency laptop and Dean not only guided me to the best laptop for my needs, but threw in some extras. The prices are very reasonable. I was very happy with their service!


Great prices on used computers. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.


I had an awesome experience with these folks, Dean was very helpful as far as trying to pick out a new computer goes. Now I'm set up for my digital art and college courses! A special thanks to Mark Hope also, I remember this store being here six years ago, and getting my desktop to start on homeschooling and my mother's computer for her business. Thank you guys again! You will definitely be seeing me again soon!


Have bought two used laptops from Dean and he made sure I had what I needed at a reasonable price for a freelancer and did not try to upgrade or sell me what was not necessary. Dean put together the right chargers and best security package. When I had a battery problem on last one, they tried to diagnose it, at no fee, to see if it were something simple before selling me new battery (which it needed.) I go in and throw up my hands - Help! and he and his colleagues have been hugely accommodating and took care of me immediately each time in. They are looking for used travel printer for me. When I can upgrade, will definitely come back to Dean, he will not steer you in any wrong directions and keep you on your economic price point you give him. Thanks also to Matt. This is my go-to place for all computer needs: a great resource and great guys!


I called their Littleton location looking for a deal on a gaming computer. They didnt have one but offer to build me a computer. I declined and called the denver location. The staff there especially Mike helped me out. He had just gotten in a computer but hadn't put a price on it yet. He asked me if he could call me back with a price and i agreed. When Mike called me back faster than he said he would the price he offered was AMAZING!!!! I told him i wanted the computer. I called back to ask them if they could see if the computer could hold more memory. When they said it could and told me their prices i said to add another 8gb. When i got to the store before closing they told me the memory was causing an issue so i asked if they could take out the 8gb in it and put 16 GB from their supply. They said they would, kept the old ram and only charged me for 8 since they were getting 2 4gb chips. I will buy from them again!!! I have built my own computers and it was nice to talk to someone that knows more than me and made me feel comfortable! It was great!!! If you need entry level to gaming computers this is the place to go!!!




Great connect


There is a reason why these people have been around since 1994. That reason is because they have the best selection for new and used merchandise, and hands-down have the best service for repairs. they're going to be straightforward and honest with you and if they can fix it they will fix it and if they can't fix it they will tell you they can't fix it. I recommend that if you have any computer issues, skip the box stores, you don't need geeks, you need people with a passion, and that's what you get at Action. I recently took in my wife's surface Pro because the glass had cracked. I automatically assumed you could replace the glass, but unfortunately with Microsoft surface products, they glue the glass down all over the place on a few of those models and that literally means if you cracked the screen and you need a new screen you need to buy a new device. We came up with a proactive solution with a glass protector to just prolong the surface a little longer and it works great. Again, before you have any computer issues, skip the geeks, and go to the pros, and you'll find them at Action!


I went in for pretty sweet special they had. They didn't have a couple of the items advertised (2 monitors) , so Mike made a substitution (larger ones than advertised). Great service all around. Support local businesses. These guys are great!


These guys do AMAZING work! I came in looking for some repairs or a new laptop and these guys were helpful and entertaining as they set me up with an upgrade to the laptop that I already had, at discount price, with my hard drive transferred over to the new machine. It was done lighting quick and now, several weeks later, I still have no complaints. Give these guys your business, and if you have a moment and you like comedy, see if you can get put on hold!


Dean at the Denver location took great care of me! I'm happy with my new machine. He pointed me in the right direction. I'm also happy with experience in Arvada store. Preston was very helpful there too. Thanks guys!



This store has helped me out numerous times! I find them very good listeners and straight shooters! They specialize in PC but even Macs are worked on! Extremely smart guys! Very fair and helpful.. Preston spent a lot of time problem solving with me and I am still grateful!


Very good value for the dollar. I have purchased multiple used computers from them that have worked flawlessly and performed much faster than the older system purchased new elsewhere.


Hey guys this is Dylan! You built me my desktop recently. It is running beautifully and i am shocked at the amount of help you gave me. I thought micro center was the way to go but, man did you show me otherwise! Jeff really helped me every step of the way with accommodating my every need. My computer is the talk of the town as people are struck by the sleek wire management and how my graphics card dominates. You are the best by far when it comes to prices and information. My experience was amazing and you guys run a more than solid business! Cant wait to come in and see you guys when im back in town. Anyone reading this trust me come here before you go to a large store like micro center!!!


Picked up an awesome refurbished Dell laptop to set up my remote work station and I'm absolutely loving it! Not only did it cost me less than $200, it rivals the Dell XPS11 that I bought directly from Dell for $1300! Jeff Meyers, the store manager, is helpful, knowledgable and honest. I strongly recommend Action and Jeff if you're in the market for a computer. Their prices can't be beaten and their service is impeccable. They have won my business for my future computer, tablet and smartphone purchases!


Great service, good prices. A terrific resource.


Excellent customer service even came out to the car to help bring in things


We've purchased numerous computers and peripherals from Action. Great selection and incredibly friendly staff. We will definitely be back!

Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson
Google Logo 5 Star Rating


An Amazing store and quality


If a company is in business long enough, they will have some customer issues. In my experience in life, a company's reputation is ALL about how they address these problems that arise when helping customers. Action Computers passes this test, as far as I'm concerned. I brought my Lenovo laptop to Action Computers for it's annual "tune up" and virus check. While Action had my device (which was in pristine condition) the on-board mouse pad and the edge of the keyboard became damaged (scratched). I still not sure how the technician managed to do this while performing a routine tune-up. I picked up my device, got it home, and immediately notified them of the damage. A service department manager immediately agreed to order the parts and replace them free of charge without any pushback whatsoever. During the tuneup, I inquired about a 2TB solid state drive, and agreed to have one ordered for this machine. If you're even thinking about a SSD drive, DO IT! I cannot believe how this upgrade has improved battery life for this laptop. The damaged parts and SSD were repaired/replaced at the same time, and the laptop came back in perfect condition (cosmetically). Once again, I got it home, used it, and found that the right side USB ports would only function for a few minutes, and stop working without explanation. And, once again, I took the machine back to have it repaired. They were able to fix it the same day, again without question. Thank you Action Computers for making these situations right by the customer without making me jump through a series of unnecessary hoops. It has been so refreshing in this day and age. I'm giving this review four stars instead of five for a couple of reasons: 1. THE DAMAGE SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO BEGIN WITH! What was the technician doing while tuning up my device? 2. I was not informed of the damage when I picked up this laptop. I had to find out about it when I got home. Customers, check your computer before you leave. Thank you to both MIkes and Leo for their professionalism. It is refreshing and I appreciate your efforts. Since Action reads these reviews, please talk to your technicians about damaging your customers devices (and taking responsibility for it). As a digital photographer, this device means a great deal to me, and has been treated extremely well. I WILL be back.


After buying a universal laptop charger (said "guaranteed compatible with dell on the box") and finding it didnt work with my Dell laptop (inspiron 500 series with small charger tip) I was completely frustrated. Now not only did I need to return that charger, I had to find a place that sold a dell charger. I called Action Computers and the employee I spoke with was almost certain they had what i needed with very minimal input from me. He recommended I bring my laptop in just to make absolutely certain it would work. I went by today to get the charger and was in and out in less than 5 minutes. As soon as I stepped through the door I was greeted (with other customers in the store) and asked what I needed help with. Fantastic customer service, a great selection, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Can't get any better.


Excellent PC repair service and support! Scott and Phillip resolved my PC issue in minimal time and very reasonable costs. Highly recommended - I'll continue to use them.


I needed a new used computer for my business. I'm mobile and work from my clients locations or other places in the field. Dean hooked me up with a great deal and this laptop is just what I needed. Compact, foldable and fully loaded with a Touchscreen.

Karen M.
Karen M.
Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

The service was most excellent. Thanks to you all

Robert S.
Robert S.
Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

This was my first time using Action Computers. I brought in an old backup drive that I couldn't access anymore. The tech checked it out, determined the drive was still okay and put it in a new case. This was less than a 2 day turnaround. I was very happy that all my old family pictures are safe. The cost was more than reasonable. I will definitely use your services in the future and let my friends know about Action. Thanks.


I went in there for what I believed would be an easy, quick fix. I have a Dell Laptop that is quite old (as far as laptops go). After downloading a program it couldn't handle, it had to restart and revert to an earlier system when it worked. This erased Google Chrome as well and this meant that I had NO WAY to get on the internet (I use it for work, internet is essential). I called the Dell Tech support and they were only happy to help, but for a fee and they wouldn't tell me how much it would be just that it would cost me. I wasn't about to pay an unknown amount for phone support so I declined, hung up and ran over to Action Computers. I was aware of Action Computers as a few people I knew had already recommended them to me in the past in general conversation about computers. The young man who helped me was very nice, knew what he was doing and had it fixed in less than 10 minutes. And I had been right, Chrome was uninstalled, just needed to be reinstalled, but hard to do with no access internet :) He didn't even charge me, though I would have been happy to pay. I was never talked down to or berated or made to feel stupid even if my tech/computer knowledge is less than theirs (let's admit, that can be a problem). After he fixed my laptop, I started asking questions about laptops available in their shop because I know the current one will need to be replaced at some point given its daily use and age. He didn't try to point me to more than I needed, listened and respected my budget and data requirements, and gave solid advice and information. I will most certainly return to them for any computer support needs as well as to replace the current laptop when I need to. Couldn't have been happier.



Action Computers is the best!! Forget the big box stores... these guys listen, take care of you and you don't feel ripped off when you leave. Big shouts out to Jeff and Leo!! Between sales and service department... hands down no one compares.


Great customer service. Left the store with an upgraded used computer for under 250$ with a warranty. They even threw in some extras to thank me for my service. Five starts for these guys. Affordable and a great experience


Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

Thanks for your folks' help. They upped the RAM in this 2012 MacBook Pro, and now it's reasonably faster and doesn't stall as much when I open multiple applications. Fast work. Good pricing (better pricing than two Mac stores I contacted). And I was surprised that your folks made the upgrade in an hour. You folks do good work and your people are nice, sometimes funny, and knowledgeable. That's good business.

J Holley
J Holley
Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

I want to thank Mike for treating me with respect and dignity, for taking care of the problems with the used computer I purchased from them without argument nor accusation. For doing it immediately with caring and concern. It is not often that such integrity rules a business. Thank-you so very much.


I purchased a PC laptop from Action nearly a year ago. Dean was incredibly helpful, asking all of the right questions to make sure I was getting the laptop I needed. And it's been a great laptop so far! Everyone was friendly and very knowledgable and I look forward to doing business with them again.


Congratulations! Your customer called into the radio show to brag about your Customer Service! XOXO

Eric and Angel
Experience Pros Radio Show


I got set up with the right hardware to add RAM ago my old computer! Dean showed me the way and installed the component on the spot! So helpful. You’re in good hands!


This place is great, don’t go anywhere else, except to maybe their other location


These guys are the bomb either with buying or getting service. If they're not the fist place you go or call they need to be.

Marsha L.
Marsha L.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Brought one of our computers in thinking it was most likely a fried hard drive. Ben diagnosed the issue and gave us a few different options. We chose to go the new hard drive route instead of a new computer. Ben took care of it and the computer is working wonderfully. All at a much lower rate than we were expecting. Very helpful! Would definitely recommend to others!

Yelp Logo 4 Star Rating


This is a great place to get your next computer. They are super helpful and you will get a much better computer for a better price than any of the big bx stores. My computer was nearly 30% less than I would have paid elsewhere and about half what I would have paid for new. They gave me a great price for my old computer to trade in as well. Also they have great follow up and any time I have had questions or needed any advice they have been very helpful and solved my minor issues over the phone.



Item was exactly as described, open box but new, arrived sooner than expected. Item requires a somewhat unusual cable and the cable supplied wound up being incorrect; seller immediately credited me for a replacement that I had ordered.


Mic like new. Fast delivery


Awesome place to get a used computer. Plus they're very knowledgeable about computers and viruses. I took mine in to have it checked out for a virus and they found I had 214 virus's on my computer. They got it all fixed up for a very good price I added a security program that they use since my Kapersky and another program weren't doing its job. I definitely would recommend Action Computers if anyone has a problem with theirs


Very quick shipment and early delivery. The Item was exactly as described. Great follow up.


I bought my second computer from this store today, the laptop I bought has lived up to expectations and worth the price, and Dean was very helpful both times and did not try to oversell me on power I didn't need. I understand there are negative reviews, but I believe this is a very honest business with good return policies and you should consider a used computer before you pay way too much at Best Buy etc.


This has been my go to place to have my desktops built and maintained. Also got a very nice price when I purchased my Lenovo laptop


For 3 years now, I have given them multiple challenges and they have prevailed! The biggest challenge was with an obsolete laptop that had not updated in years, would not connect to the internet and accounting software that was like Fort Knox. I needed the info in 3 or 4 days. They got it done. Worked diligently, dozens of calls between the software company and to me and I finally got the data. I would have lost my patience but they persevered! Also purchased a used Alienware computer (gaming) from them which they upgraded storage on it. Not a single issue & it has been 6 months. They have always been professional, friendly and got the job done.


Great place they do good work and have great employees also family owned.


Helpful Good Value

Amazon Logo Positive Amazon Review Graphic

Very responsive to my questions. Enjoyed working with him. Item looked almost new. 5 Stars!


Pretty good prices for refurb pc's.


Absolutely wonderful service, selection, and price. With knowledgeable staff, if you are unsure of what you want/need, just let one of the employees know and they'll do the hard work for you. Will definitely recommend


Excellent, prompt, courteous service. When I checked my computer in, I was told they were checking in for a few days hence. Since my problem would take only 15-20 minutes to resolve, I was told they'd try to do the work same day. I got a call 2 hours later that my computer was ready.


This place is amazing! Walked in looking for 2 tablets for my kids and they hooked it up! I was looking at a tablet they had on sale but it was not user friendly for my family, they found me something perfect for us in our price range! Dean and Mark made Christmas for my kiddos! Couldn't have done it without them! Thank you guys, I recommend them to anyone looking at getting electronics!


Very good service would recommend helped us out alot


Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Amazon Logo 5 Star Rating

After a terrible experience with a fraudulent marketplace seller trying to rip me off, I still needed to try to find the scanner I was looking for, and I needed it quickly. After ordering from Action Computers, I messaged to tell them that I would appreciate them expediting the shipping. They messaged me back a short time later to say that they would get it shipped that day with no problem. A+


Top notch customer service and knowledge. I read some where that they were open until 7pm and I showed up at 6:20 and the doors were locked and they were getting ready to leave. They recently changed their hours but one of the salesmen opened the door and helped me out after hours. I greatly appreciate that.


Don't be fooled by the modest storefront, this place is far superior to the big box and chain stores. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and really dedicated to customer service. They clearly explained all the options for the computers that would work for me, and were able to weigh the pros and cons of each. I got an amazing laptop which is lightning fast and makes my work a breeze. I also saved quite a bit as well. SUPPORT THIS GREAT LOCAL BUSINESS!!!

J Marquez
J Marquez
Customer Logo Positive Customer Review Graphic

The staff at Action Computers knew and understood my problem and was very helpful in solving my problem by the next day as they had promised. I liked the way they were willing to help carry in any heavy computer parts from my car as I’m getting up in age. All in all it was a very satisfying experience. Also being able to help me with the price of the equipment that I needed.; while showing me they appreciated my years of serviced to my country in the military. Sincerely......................JRM.


Action Computers staff is amazing! I'm a senior with limited computer knowledge and was delighted as Jason B patiently helped me understand. My data was quickly recovered for a very fair price. Action Computers Denver has my return business with a very high recommendation.


If you want to support local businesses, this is one of the places you need to visit! They have a knowledgeable, courteous and low-pressure staff, a good selection of computers and peripherals, and competitive prices. In fact, the prices were pretty darn close to those on Amazon for the items I purchased (a replacement power cord, a used monitor and a USB hub). The next time I need a new laptop, I will definitely stop here first, as I think they would do a great job helping me figure out what level of technology I need, in the price range I want to pay.


We should judge businesses by how they react when things don't go perfectly. The staff at Action Computers was extremely helpful when selecting and purchasing a new Dell laptop. They didn't try to oversell me or include extras I didn't need. The result was that I got a great machine for a great value. More importantly, when the screen stopped working a month later (a common problem with the model I bought, turns out, not their fault) they immediately exchanged it and even swapped the harddrive for me at no cost while I waited despite the fact that they were very busy because I needed the machine repaired that day. No way the Geek Squad gives you that kind of service, and you certainly can't find it at an online retailer. I've been a customer for years and I would highly recommend Action Computers for great products, great value, and truly outstanding service. Thanks Action Computers!


I purchased two computers from Action Computers a few weeks ago: a laptop for me and a desktop for my dad. Dean Nye at Action listened carefully to my complex requirements for both computers, paying particular attention to the details of how I use my computer and how my dad uses his (we have broadly divergent needs as far as computers). Dean found perfect solutions for each of us, taught me a lot about computer systems, and suggested a few things that never would have occurred to me that will make using our computers much easier. I was impressed with his knowledge, kindness, and thoroughness. These computers are fantastic and, even though they are previously-owned, they've been completely refurbished, look good, and work great. Not only did I get fantastic prices on both, I feel good about helping the environment in a small way by saving these computers from a landfill. I've purchased computers before from Action Computer and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks, Dean!


I purchased my 3rd computer from them in the last 7years, they fitted me into another Dell laptop and its perfect! Smart and friendly staff!


Great store, great guys, definitely recommend.


Excellent service, location, and pricing. I was treated like a VIP!! I am one very happy customer.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Amazon Logo 5 Star Rating

I was looking for a laptop with XP to run some of my old (now incompatible) software that I love. This fit the bill, and was very affordable with a larger hard drive than most in the price range. Prior to purchase I asked a question to clarify some specifications, and I got a very prompt reply. After ordering, it arrived in just 2 days and works great!


They fixed things on a old computer with a special work program that four other shops could not fix. They saved my behind.


Great local shop that sells great used items at great prices. Thanks!

Beth S
Beth S
Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

I still had picture printing problems after a major clean up last week. Jason B. didn't take long to figure out that i needed to purchase a cable!! He also then walked me thru printing on the new printer which you had installed last week but would Not print. He is very knowledgeable, asks the right questions, very patient and cordial with a smile. Keep him!


I cannot say enough how grateful I am for the folks at Action. I got in way over my head and they were incredibly helpful and patient, and we got the whole thing resolved. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and kindness with someone who was really overwhelmed.


Always great service. Super nice employees!!


Daniel was very knowledgeable and professional, he was able to fix my computer faster than I expected and the cost of repairs was absolutely fair. I am very satisfied. Thank you


A pleasure doing business with these folks. They carried my computer in from the car for me. I had called in ahead of time asking for my documents and pictures to be taken off my old computer. I was also interested in having the computer recycled. I got a lower than their usual price quote because the amount of data was rather small. They were able to put it on a USB memory stick. So I got charged a very reasonable fee plus the memory stick, and they recycled my computer safely for free! Very friendly and helpful staff, and they took the time to make sure I understood everything. I'll come back next time I need help or a new computer. I recommend.


My expensive laptop crashed on me for no apparent reason. 1) They quickly took in the PC and diagnosed the problem 2) It ended up being a common issue with my particular machine 3) My PC was JUST BARELY out of warranty 4) Ethan was my technician and he went above and beyond the call of duty here, he even sent me the chat logs with the manufacturer...he ended up saving a 2K computer that would have cost me ~1K in repairs. Absolutely worth it...if they can't fix your problem they will do everything they can find you a solution. 5) They even restored my DATA, so I didn't lose weeks worth of personal work... 6) The rest of the staff was helpful (Jason, Trey). They followed up with updates and next steps seamlessly. 10/10


Action Computers has been and continues to be the exclusive supplier for all of Texas K9 Universities computer needs. Daniel’s customer service and knowledge is outstanding. We have no reason to go anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and give them a call before you head to a big box store. Action Computers will take care of you!


Great service


I've been buying equipment from these guys for years. Had an urgent need for a desktop to use in automation. They had a perfect fit, in total driving to them, getting their help selecting the machine, and getting it running took 10 minutes. That type of turn around you just can't get anywhere else, and the machine was very affordable because it was used.


Had a horrible crash of Chrome, and spent hours on hold trying to get Google or Microsoft to help me fix it, as it ended up they wanted to charge me $50.00 for support. One 3 minute call to Action and I was able to fix it. They really know the meaning of customer service. Another great aspect is that when you call them you get a real, live person to talk to. FANTASTIC!


These guys save my work life yesterday! I could not be more grateful. They were super sympathetic and responsive, escalating my issue to get the files I needed to get a big presentation submitted. Mike B. and Dean made it all happen. Amazing!


I have been having problems with my operating system. It has gone down twice. They diagnosed and fixed it free of charge.


Helpful and open on Sunday!


This store is outstanding. Customer service is pro and the deals are sharp. Would recommend to anyone looking for a reliable computer.




Daniel & Jeff did a phenomenal job working with my daughter on finding the right laptop for high school! This was a big purchase for her, and they made it amazing! Thanks to the Action crew!


Best place for quality used computers


Very knowledgeable and helpful. We were able to get a great deal on a computer.


I've always had a good experience with the service department at Action. All the technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. Recently I brought in my computer, talked to Camden, and the service was done in the time frame promised. Unfortunately I had to bring it back because it was still having problems but talked to Ben who was very accommodating; got the problem resolved quickly at no further charge. I prefer this place to the big chains.


If you are looking for a computer repair store, Action Computers is it. When I was unable to get my desktop computer turned on I took it in to this store and got the best service I could have expected. Ben Oehlert was very knowledgeable. He was able to diagnose the problem very quickly. He was extremely kind, patient, honest and very professional. He went above and beyond to resolve my computer issue at very affordable price. Ben, is the most awesome computer technician I have come across. I wish him every success in his profession. Thank you Ben, for all your help!


Friendly, helpful staff and a lot of tech to choose from...definitely reccomend.


No one could solve my problem. They did. Dean is awesome.


These guys repaired my laptop. Excellent job and the price match the quote.


Action Computers is the place to go for all your computer needs. They give knowledgeable and professional service and they have affordable prices and killer deals. Thank you Jeff, for helping us find the perfect computer.


This is the only computer store my husband and son will do business with, and they've done a lot with Action. Sometimes I accompany them and I think the staff there is very friendly and helpful. The only thing I ever had go wrong with them is that I brought my laptop in for repair and they misdiagnosed the problem. I e-mailed them about it, like, a month or two later, just to let them know what had happened, and they immediately refunded my money in full, which was a pleasant surprise to me. I was expecting they might argue with me or blow me off, but they made good on the situation and I was very impressed. I would recommend everyone to this place.


Tvs, monitors, keyboards, mice etc. thank you for always having what we need to run our buisness!


This is where i bought my new lap top and @ great price: great place to shop. Pastor Polly.


Good deals on used equipment and a knowledgeable and helpful staff. Action is my first stop when looking for something that I don't need brand new. (Their prices on new stuff are good too, but selection can be limited.) Don't be afraid to ask questions, etc. when there. I also recommend their repair services.


This place is awesome!!! What I found here was not only a very friendly, low pressure sales environment, but a very knowledgeable staff that was more concerned with solving my problems than trying to land a huge sale. Call me crazy, but we consumers notice and appreciate that. They've got a great selection of refurbished systems as well as new systems that they build in-house! My only regret is that I didn't find this place sooner. I highly recommend you make a trip to this store if you are looking to make a computer purchase and want to get the most bang for your buck. I think I've found my new computer guys.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Amazon Logo 5 Star Rating

Very smooth transaction, great value for product


Amazing customer service. Gregg, Ryan, and Jeff were so helpful and just amazing. They went out of their way to point us in the right direction .Thank you fellas so much! We will be back. - Thamara & Jo


Wonderful costumer service. Been here a few times and they've gotten what I needed solved fast and prompt.


Awesome staff to get your gear up and running! Awesome deals... if you need to upgrade, repairs or anything computer make sure you check these guys out


We had a laptop that stopped working. We were going to buy a new laptop for school, but then we were told about this place. Really just wanted something cheap that would work for school. We spoke with Dean who showed us inexpensive computers and gave us a quick education on computers. We spent a little more than what we had planned, but ended up with a better laptop. They had a good variety at affordable prices. We appreciate the time Dean took with us and we're satisfied with our laptop. We'll be back to have a data transfer done in the future and update Yelp.


I have been in an out of Action Computers for years. For troubleshooting or selling old hardware. Everyone is awesome, helpful and knowledgeable. There is a reason I keep coming back when I need something. Support this local business.


I stopped by Denver Action Computers about a week ago looking for a school/work laptop. I usually go to Best Buy, but my last experience with them was negative. I am extremely happy that I decided to choose Action Computers instead. A representative, Dean, assisted me and was absolutely wonderful! I get a little anxious when shopping for computers, as I know very little about them. Dean was patient, kind, and got me the perfect laptop for my needs. I would definitely recommend anyone to at least check them out before going to best buy, office depot, etc.


I had a complex situation with a laptop and it was resolved fantastically. They have a lot of really good deals there on used equipment as well.


My son made his first big computer investment. They treated him right. What would have been 1,300 picked it up for $800 tower only. But it 500 watts and GTX1060 graphics card. Custom and my son is happy. I been coming here for years. I don't go anywhere else. And they don't Snoop on your files. Thanks Dean Nye the computer guy!


Bought a laptop there Dec 15th or so. then brought it back in almost a month later with no receipt. The battery that was shaky. Replaced it with a new one with no questions asked. Great service, very helpful and they stand behind their product. NICE!!!!


I bought a used computer several years ago from Action and it work for about 5 years without any problems and the price was very reasonable, I have been going there for about 12 years and found their service and prices are generally reasonable as well as the service. If you want a new car then you buy a new car, but if you want a used one you buy a used one. It really isn't fair comparing used with new, and Action does a great job selling and servicing used computers.


Really like the guys. Technical service and used computers and accessories!


Ok. I was talk to by the owner of this work place and he help me get a computer that works and want to make sure i was happy.


Great place to get electronics fixed


This is a great place to go for your used computers or laptops! They took great care with me! Thanks guys


When my relatively new Asus died I took it in to get it looked at. Long story short, it would have been way to expensive to fix it so I bought I used machine from the store. I'm happy with my new computer (price was good for the specs) as well as the speed and quality of service throughout the process (both on the phone and in person). Basic price for a data transfer seemed a little high, but not outrageous. Overall I had a good experience and would recommend it to others for their computer related needs.


Talk about a problem! My computer stopped working at my businesses busiest time of the year. Took it to the boys at Action, they got me an awesome refurbished computer at a fraction of the cost I would have paid for a better one. They transferred my data quickly and I was on my way. My only gripe was that they were busy each time I came in, but seeing how they treated my problem, I can see why!


I have done quite a bit of business with this location and have been pleased. I have bought at least 5 used laptops and two desk tops with good warranties and have had no issues. I have had several laptops repaired as well. And, I have asked many unrelated questions for other machines that they are always happy to help with.


Great service with great deals. Helped me land an amazing deal on the Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablet. For only 64 dollars I was really impressed they were willing to put it at such a low price with windows 10 included. It was kept in great shape and well refurbished. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else when I need a cheap but great device for everyday coding, website designing and entertainment use.


I like the fact that they're always willing to help, giving individual attention -- and that they will replace anything you're unhappy with.


Went to ActionPC Denver in search of a used monitor. My fault for visiting Saturday afternoon on a hunch, but all staff was as attentive as could be at worst time of week for consulting on problems. There was ONE monitor in their inventory that met my needs, and it was at the Arvada store. 10% off coupon for travel trouble. Staff wizard Greg H was very patient-knowledgeable-experienced, tested alternative adapters-setups with my two macs IN THE STORE, and confirmed the monitor I chased down worked with both machines. My long-held outdated mis-preconception was that Action was exclusively PC but received satisfaction with Apple too. Many thanks will certainly be back.


Helpful with trying to get the RAM I needed for my computer.


Josh took time to answer all of my questions (and I had a lot) and I only came in to buy a monitor cable. I ended up bringing in my computer for diagnostics and to ask more questions. The staff was friendly and knowledgable and they have a good selection of accessories and used machines.


#bestcomputersdenver I love my laptop, it is a beast. Works very well for all of my adobe programs and projects I have to do for work, bonus, it’s a laptop so I can take my work anywhere. Amazing price too. Thank you!


Great buying experience at Denver location! Thanks to Dean! He was so helpful and polite and knowledgeable! Thanks to Action Pc and Dean!


Fast turn around no problems


Great customer service Lots of options regarding what you want in any aspects of computers. If you need repair work and/or diagnosis for whatever, they are extremely thorough and reasonably priced.


Had problem with first laptop took care on the spot made sure second replacement work before I left store very professional sevice I recommend & will return for future purchases


I purchased 2 desktops and brought a laptop in to have the entire unit wiped clean, reset to factory defaults. One of the desktops would not connect to the internet, and after 30 minutes, the tech was unable to fix the issue. The vice president of the company was behind the counter that day and was very helpful in helping me find a replacement unit off the shelves. The laptop turned into a disaster for me. Bottom line, Jeff the office manager, contacted me and we worked out a deal that was agreed upon by both parties. Thank you Action Computers.

Anonymous from Angie's List
Anonymous from Angie's List
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The power supply on my desktop went out. They replaced it. Works great again


Went in with my mac, after Apple told me my hard drive is fried and that I need to buy a new one pretty much. They checked my laptop and told me my hard drive is fine and they figured out was wrong instead and replaced the part. I thought I was gonna have to for out a couple of thousand moolah for a new computer, because of them- I forked out $60 and my computer is fine. Thanks Camden!


I have an 8 year old Mac that had a virus, I was unsure initially of of going to a brick and mortar store that advertises on the radio because, as a small business owner I always seek out mom and pop businesses to support, this is one to support, the customer service was exemplary, my Mac, which I was ready to throw in the trash is like new, they found 7 a Mac? Didn't think that was possible, these folks are now my go to place for service, fast turn around and worth every cent. Nice to find a local business that does the job without any b.s.


Great customer service and quality products. I purchased several computers from these guys and no complaints. I would like to know if you guys ship to the US Virgin Islands?


My wife was referred here by a coworker and was very satisfied with the service (repair work). A few months ago, I had problems of my own (power source) and needed immediate service. The guy that was initially helping me was going on break but had me squared away. An issue arose and the other worker didn't seem to be as knowledgeable (maybe in training?). I was thinking that I may need to go somewhere else when the first guy, who was eavesdropping on his way to the back, returned to solve my problem. I was VERY impressed with that level of dedication. It wasn't a big sale, but he couldn't walk away from a customer. As a small business owner I have "stars" in customer service who do the same and others who mainly handle the simple tasks. I would suggest to the owner/manager that an employee NAME (possibly even on a business card) is provided to the customer so they leave with the feeling that they will return and get the same level of service. In principle, customer service techs should have the same knowledge as their coworkers, but that's not the real world. As for me, I'll use this store again, as will my wife.


The $40 diagnostic (with Yelp discount) was a great deal for me. It totally saved my bacon after a DIY maintenance attempt gone wrong. Their techs fixed my problem and also identified a hard drive issue before it became a big problem.


My first impression was a great impression. I would like to thank Josh for his professionalism and expertise in assisting me in finding the proper computer for both home and office use. His promptness in finding the appropriate device for my needs was the most impressive part of my visit. I truly recommend anyone who is looking at getting top-notch service, with little time to spare and who has a tight budget, to consider AC. Again, this was my first visit but will definitely not be my last! Thanks for your excellent customer service.


Just found your GREAT store today, even though you've been around for 20 years. Great service, translated the technical issues for us and got us exactly what we needed!!! Thanks! — with Harry Abramovitz.


I was looking for a media card for my husband to surprise him and am really not good with computer things. So I went in with a rough idea of what he was needing. The sales manager and the other gentleman were very helpful in answering my questions and they gave me a great suggestion and some great prices. I saw some computers in there too and they looked great. I will be back to buy more things from this great company.


I was looking for a media card for my husband to surprise him and am really not good with computer things. So I went in with a rough idea of what he was needing. The sales manager and the other gentleman were very helpful in answering my questions and they gave me a great suggestion and some great prices. I saw some computers in there too and they looked great. I will be back to buy more things from this great company.


Great experience with the boys in Denver. I (stupidly) purchased a computer from another store and it stopped working within 6 months. The staff explained the diff between different qualities of computers and I guess I bought one of the cheap ones. They got me a better one that they said will last 5-7 years and moved my stuff. Now I'm back online. Thanks Dean and Jeff!


Very friendly and convenient. Didn't bs me with what they were selling and just helped me fond what I was looking for


I have worked with Mark Hope and Alain for many years, watching the business grow and prosper. I've always gotten a great deal for the many laptops, desktops and specialty server items. Many times when I buy the quantity items, I get some extra " for good luck " is what is often said by Mark, Jeff and whoever is there running ebay sales for the day. Many times I can wait a bit for my order just to watch the people at Action Computers work to make the customer always #1 and satisfy their needs properly. That customer is always #1 policy starts at the parking lot when someone from Action Computers carries in their computer. The same thing is done by the repair shop. A customer is always told what may have gone wrong with a system and how that gets fixed. An undercover video by a local TV crew shows that.


used computer sales and repair


This place is great. They're pretty tolerant of just browsing cause you're bored. Not like real tolerant, but mostly. They offer fair prices for used computer stuff. They have a lot more monitors than actual computers, it seems.





Many problems with a machine. Action has been patient and done everything I can expect to make things right. Sometimes, things don't work right. Jeff at Action is committed to making sure they do.


Good work.


Seriously it's the best place in town for all your computer needs. Both prices and customer service.

Nia Heard-Garris, M.D.
Nia Heard-Garris, M.D.
Customer Logo Positive Customer Review Graphic

I just want you to know what a fabulous job Nathan & AJ did for me. I was in town for a conference and as I got off my plane, I realized my computer wasn't working. Google search yielded your store was one of the best in Denver. The customer service and attention to detail did not disappoint. They got me out with a working computer in 2 hours! Thanks to your great team. I will not miss any deadlines and continue to have a productive conference here in Denver. Thank you one million times over!


thanks for getting me a trade in discount on my broken mac keyboard. i just loath the new style and you guys are the only affordable place that has the old ones.

Shelley C.
Shelley C.
Customer Logo Positive Customer Review Graphic

I just want you to know that Jesse made my day today. I have spent over 2 hours getting the run around with Comcast and then Microsoft because of some pop up that I couldn't get rid of. It turned out that my password had been changed, unbeknownst to me. The best $10 I spent was when I brought my computer in, and Jesse solved the problem in no time. Thank you, Jesse and Action. That man is a gem!


With Carson in Kindergarten this year, we knew we needed to get a family computer. We went down to Action Computers and got a beautiful iMac. Carson is testing it out with a little Paw Patrol action after he completed his homework on it. #supportlocalbusinesses

Bill J.
Bill J.
Google Logo 5 Star Rating

My thanks to Dustin and AJ for their help the last few days. I had stupidly done some damage to my PC and also lost the use of my once trusty laptop. With their interest and knowledgeable help I was able to get both problems solved, and much more quickly and less expensively, than I expected. I wanted to publicly thank them both for their understanding of my problems. Such a wonderful experience. Neither of them tried to rush me or sell me anything, but they did provide the information I needed to make good decisions for my needs. Bill


Decided to give them a try after my secondary monitor went out. Found a great new one at an unbelievable price. I never have gone into used stuff for computer before, but this was a great experience. Selection was good, and prices were as good as it gets. Anyone who is looking for a computer, monitor, or laptop, should give these guys a try before spending way more on a new one. I will be back when I got more funds for a new desktop.

Tom S.
Tom S.
Customer Logo 5 Star Rating

I was in your "Colo. Blvd." store about 1p, earlier today. Jesse was the 'service' person who helped me. Boy did he help me!!! I thought my 'wireless adapter card' was dead. He quoted me a price for a new card which was LESS than 1/2 what I thought it would be (great start). Then he said he wanted to "just take a look" to see what was going on. After 3 - 5 minutes, & (literally) 'flipping a switch', I was back in business! No 'diagnostics', no 'new card', nothing except having my 'wireless capabilities' back!!! This is what I call "GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE"!!! Plain old 'customer service' is, more & more, a 'lost art' these days; not so, in your store. Please put a 5 STAR recommendation in Jesse's personnel file (or something similar, if you can). Also, keep up all the GREAT WORK (like this) in your stores. You'll have customers for life (like me)!


8-24-2016 RE: Loyal customer since 2008 I trust this company very much, I met Daniel, then back in 2008 when I needed my computer setup for my disabled daughter. The staff then and now are extremely knowledgeable friendly and patient. I do not see or have experienced the same kind of care or trustworthiness in any other company. They are fair with their pricing and now that I am almost elderly (58) i feel very safe in asking for their help in helping me today with my security camera software. Thank you action computer for continuously bringing me peace of mind in your service of my needs.

Jc N.
Jc N.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

This place is fantastic. I took a computer in for shipping and before I was even in the door, there was someone at my elbow to carry it for me. Jesse packed and shipped the computer to my granddaughter...he took so much care explaining things to me, giving me great options, and the price was excellent. He was very friendly, professional, and engaging. I will definitely go back here for my computer needs.

Shira S.
Shira S.
Shira S. Shira S.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I just had something go awry on my computer that others would know how to fix, but I couldn't because I'm not computer savvy. After struggling for a bit, I remembered the wonderful repair work and service we've always had at Action Computers. I drove over, and, sure enough, Jesse quickly helped me put things back in place. He did so with great focus and thoughtfulness. I'm home again and want to say thank you, Jesse, for you wonderful help.


I went in Sunday afternoon to look at the Dell Latitude E6420. It was on sale at a very good price. Denis choose a minimally used laptop from the back and tested it out extensively. It was practically brand new! He suggested to I add the antivirus which only took a few minutes for them to install. Denis was very knowledgeable about his products. I could not believe that a techie guy that is so knowledgeable was also a people person. He made me feel very comfortable in my buying experience. I have already sent a friend to him. I will be back.


Love this place. Have bought multiple monitors and other computer equipment. Great prices and great service.


I can't say enough about the stellar customer service at Action Computers, Inc. I had a video card go down on my server, and I was literally out of business. I called and spoke to the owner, and he made us a priority getting the problem solved, and getting us back in business! I have bought several laptops, upgrades, external storage, and peripherals from them, I am a fan, and a loyal client for life. Thank you, Action Computers!


I must say, the staff and the management are incredible in this store. They function from place of integrity, knowledge and customer service is excellent. Henry was the person that helped in purchase of my computer. When I had a problem with the battery, Mike exchanged it with a new one that he made sure that worked well. Nike of course helped to install it and all that took only 5 minutes. Keep in mind this situation came after my 30 days warranty. But regardless, they were great people to take care of my problem and had a smile on their face. I must say, I will never go anywhere else for my computer needs and recommend them to my friends and family.

Joe M.
Joe M.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I was on a road trip from NC to Seattle and came across these guys in my search for a Windows 7 laptop I needed for an online training. I have never seen a company so helpful and dedicated to customer service. I purchased an older Windows 10 machine and they downgraded it to Windows 7 for me. When they found out I was traveling, they rushed the order, which takes a few hours to perform. Dean was especially helpful in choosing a machine that was powerful enough for my needs yet affordable, which was important to me because it was not intended to be my primary laptop. I cannot say enough about their willingness to meet my unique needs.

Frankie and Diane
Frankie and Diane
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On 05/07/16 my wife and I made our first visit to the Denver "Action Computers" at 2890 S. Colorado Blvd., #F. We went in to see what refurbished and new computers were for sale. We lucked out this particular weekend because they had "an owner going out of town" sale. The Manager, Jeff, greeted us and asked us if we needed assistance. We told him we've seen your storefront for years, since they opened, but never came in. He told us a brief history of the store location and customer repeats. He asked us what we were interested in, which was a laptop capable of handling video editing. He pointed out three available models with different price ranges; went over the advantages of purchasing one over the other based on usage over an extended period of time. Jeff gave us time, with no pressure to think over our decision. He attended to another customer and came back and listened to our conversation, to add a caveat of information to help us decide--he gave us more time. We told him we would come back the next day to purchase the computer we decided on. We came back the next day, and he gave us a little more information on the three models, I was deciding between, plus on another laptop we had not looked at. The initial model I planned to purchase, I changed my mind from my initial decision; and decided on the new model shown as it would give me the best longevity and usage. The Dell model I purchased was pre-upgraded from HDD to SDD/Windows 10 by Action Computers. The Dell was reasonable priced with the sale, plus an extra discount for being first time customers. We were pleased with Jeff's salesmanship. He was very pleasant, attentive, intuitive and encouraging toward's one's abilities--a Salesman/Manager who can read his customers effectively. I actually felt in a rare sense, as a customer being served--who was listened to directly. Thank you, Jeff, for the curb services and all the final questions answered and technical information to the end, we never felt rushed. Frankie and Diane


Nuff said....go here Denis gave us all the information. We needed his advice and he gave it clearly. So helpful and dare I say honest. Thank you

Judith C.
Judith C.
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Three times I've called on you for help
Three times you've done it well
A techno-slug am I, you know
Just "turn it on and watch it go!"
A problem? Not! The techs were great
And courteous & kind
They slowed their explanatations down
To meet my sluggish mind
A life time customer you have in me
Are the windows clean now so I can see?


I love these guys and their business. I have bought 7 full systems from these guys for our local call center. Great prices and the system have worked flawlessly.


Thank you to Aaron and Mike for being very professional and knowlegeable. In helping me buy a new computer. This is the second one I've bought from them and I'll be back again! Gene Gordon


Found these techs practical, frank and extremely helpful. And inexpensive. Great on all counts


Purchased a laptop from Jeff, a well informed/knowledgeable sales rep who can answer most if not every question presented. Action Computers on Colorado Blvd is my new home for purchasing computers and highly recommend anyone looking for a used computer to try them first!


Aaron is a pleasure to work with. I purchased 3 wireless access points, used, and they arrived in excellent condition. I couldn't be happier! Thanks!


great local business i was in need of a new laptop and i stopped in and found one i like the sales staff is very friendly. The prices are a little higher than certain online retailers but your paying for service and a business that will stand behind there product. All in all im very satisfied and hope to go back there soon to upgrade my desktop.


I recently had 2 computers serviced there. I actually brought one in back in November and they diagnosed it as a bad motherboard. I had to wait until recently to bring it back to afford the repair, but I did so. They did a good job, obviously I'm back up and running on both. On my last pick up they had to ring me up on the store side so I got to see that for the first time. It reminded me of the type of store I would have loved as a kid. They have a lot of laptops and pc's/apples there for re purchase and prices were fair. The repair prices were fair as well, a small nominal charge to install a new motherboard. I'd go back and recommend them to people


Good service. Honest.


I recently bought a laptop in Jan. 2016, from Action Computers and was very pleased with the quality and the price. However, three days ago my computer stopped working. I did not know why! I took it in to the store for repair and was told that I had broken the screen. Well I could not understand how that could have happened under my watch since I'm extra careful with my laptop. I was furious! All I knew was I needed my laptop up and running. The Representative called the owner discussed my situation and told me he could repair it for a reasonable cost, and I was really happy to hear that. We left the laptop at the computer store and got a call to return in less than an hour. I will admit, I was a little bit anxious when I first arrived and did not understand the cause of the problem which could have been explain to me better(Rep Ryan). Anyway I really appreciate doing business with your company. Thank You


I have used action for all my business computer needs. I had a problem with a unit we purchased. I brought it to Jeffs attention he went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were happy. All to often companies forget the customer. Thank you jeff


These guy's have a great inventory of parts so you can repair thing's yourself. I've only purchased parts, never a PC. I don't buy prebuilt. Personally feel better about putting in exactly what I want not what's pushed by the big brand companies. Great stock of laptop batteries. Fun to just go in and check out their stuff.


My worst nightmare was solved in a flash with the magic wand at Action Computers - Windows 10 was made to disappear! And to make me even more relieved, the disappearing act was accomplished the very same day I took my infected-with-Windows 10 laptop in. Fortunately I have not had problems with my little machined but for sure will be going to Action for any future actions I need. I will be subscribing to Action's virus protection when my Staples Sophos service expires in a few weeks. The folks at Action are excellent - friendly to humans, friendly to dogs, friendly to computers, and provide a most pleasant and competent operation


When it involves your personal or business computer, Action Computers is the place to go. Upgrades, Service, Trade Ins or just buying a WORKING computer, Action Computers is the place to go! I just bought a Toshiba laptop, intending to replace the plastics on my Toshiba laptop running Windows 10. The laptop I just bought from Aaron who does eBay Sales BOOTED UP and when I swapped out my laptop drive, Windows 10 booted up! A Windows 10 laptop for $9.99? That is what I got from eBay Sales from Aaron from Action Computers! The Sales and Repair/Upgrade/Virus Removal Department are professional and know their computers, unlike the other stores in and around Denver. They have been in this business for over 20 years providing top notch Sales and Service. Check Action Computers out. You will be glad you did!


I sold my old mac mini to these guys and they matched the price I found online for computer buybacks. They were super up front with me about the value of the machine. I felt like I was treated fairly. There aren't a lot of these kind of shops left, and that sometimes means apathetic or uninformed employees. Not the case with Action Computers. I have closer shops in my neighborhood, but I always make the trip to these cool nerdy dudes.


I have purchased a PC and Laptop from Action. I am not a geek so sometimes I have needed to call and obtain advice. I know they are super busy and have a job to do but every time I have called, I have gotten an answer to my question and they have always been nice about it. I have had repeated contact with Charles and Jesse both of whom have been cordial and knowledgeable. I feel the prices are reasonable as I always do my homework before purchasing anything.


I've been going to Action Computers Denver for probably 15 years. They are my go to shop for computer service and parts. Whether it is fixing something I "broke" or building me a custom desktop for my business, they have done it all for me over the years. Professional, quality service and staff for a fair price.


Jesse was very patient and helpful in getting my computer up and running again. Thanks!


This is the go to place if you need a computer. They are knowledgeable, patient and friendly. I recently went to one of the big electronics stores to get a new desktop. Four months later I'm out looking for another one that meets my needs. I've purchased here about ten years ago and got a great computer at a reasonable price. Shame on me for not going straight back to them. I was expecting to spend over $800 to meet my needs and Action was able to do it for $500. The box stores don't have anything on this place. New or used, I'd give the a try.


Jessie Trujillo, is a pro. He handles himself in a caring and focused manner. Action Computer is lucky to have such a talented employee.


Hands down, the best computer buying experience I have ever had. PERIOD


I took my dead computer into Action and had the hard drive put into an external hard drive and the team at the Denver store made it easy and affordable. I also needed help understanding how to do various things on my new computer, like backing up information, pulling things over from the external hard drive, etc., Jesse spent time with me making sure I got all of my questions answered. He was very patient and kind as I took notes through the entire process.


Fast and friendly service is what you want when you being a $2,000 + computer in.


I had an old laptop that I wasn’t using. I took it to Action Computers to have them wipe the hard drive, install Windows 10 and Office 2016. I also needed to have my Outlook configured to work with my email alias. Jesse helped me. He got the work done very quickly – and right the first time. I’m now using the old computer instead of my newer one. If you have computer needs – hardware or software – I suggest you go and see Jesse at Action Computers. You’ll be happy you did.


I've had action build my desktop computers for more than a decade and have been very satisfied with the product as well as their service. I just bought a 2013 lenovo laptop and am pleased with the unit and the price.


As a technician in the fire alarm industry I use and abuse towers and laptops for everything from CAD drawing to field programming. I see Action Computers as a huge asset to me. Within the last year I have purchased 2 laptops and 1 tower from these folks, and I have had some service work done as well. Pricing, Customer Service, Technical Competence have been my consistent experience here. These are kind of rare today, and I love it.


jesse at action computers onColorado was patient,understanding and got the job done in minutes.


Highly recommend Action Computers Denver. They have always been helpful with many issues. Spoke to Charles recently, and he was very helpful in solving my problem. They always are so informative.


my laptop would not connect to the internet. the message said " cannot connect to proxy server". i called office max and they said they could fix it for $180. i found action computers and brought my laptop to them. A wonderful young man by the name of Charles in the service department took care of the problem for me in less than 7 minutes, and he did it for free!!


Sold me laptop and transferred files, all in short time frame. Staff was helpful and courteous.


Isaac was on point. Made sure that I was aware of the latest and top merchandise available


Three reps assisted me. First I brought my computer in for a repair because thought I had bluescreen when my computer would not boot up. The two reps in the repair section I did not get there name, but they played around with my computer a little bit and got it to boot up fine. I went into the sales section because I was thinking of purchasing a back up computer for my Phd studies. Denis assisted me and was so helpful. He helped me with the refurbished computers for sale and also helped me evaluate upgrades I could do to speed up my existing computer. Great experience. I will be servicing my computer there in the next week or so and will also purchase a backup laptop for about $600.


As a long time professional in the information technology field, and a woman, it is challenging to find a computer/info tech company whose employees, regardless of their age, communicate with women, without condescending/patronizing behavior. This has not happened at Action Computers. The employees have listened and communicated in a professional manner. The service has been excellent, competent, knowledgeable and HONEST. The last business service was with Charles, who was Great. Thank you for excellent Customer Service and Professional respect!


My service rep, Jesse, went above and beyond to figure out what was wrong with my laptop and once the mechanical issues were resolved, they went in and fixed a bad driver that was preventing my PC from starting properly. We love Action Computers. We've purchased a used XP desktop PC, MacBook and a 24" monitor from them over the last couple of years. When it comes to computer and computer gear, this is the place to be... Thank you Jesse!


A few years ago I had this really old external hard drive that contained ALL my music. (Mainly very hard to find with no list to try to replace it all should something happen). Something did. My house was robbed. All my old crappy useless but useable computers were stolen along with my punk leather jacket, every family heirloom worth anything and all my clothes, boots (I'm a girl in a size men's size 3 shoe size) and well, if you understand anything about that stuff, you'll shed a tear or two knowing it ripped out my heart to lose such sentimentally valuable stuff. My house was turned upside down and oh....the kicker....they got me in a 2 hour window on Christmas Eve night when I was just up the street having Christmas dinner with my family.
Long story short, I was able to dig out my old hard drive with my music on it. All that was left. However it was configured to be used with a Mac which I couldn't afford to replace. I finally had a friend try to use it with his Mac and he said the hard drive appeared empty. 500GB empty. Maybe it was stored with a really big magnet? I was once again shattered. My roots, memories, soul...gone.
Finally I took it to these guys. They worked and worked and it kept coming up empty. Finally they called and said they could offer one last ditch effort and totally destroy the casing, tear it open and rip it to shreds essentially turning it into a useless twisted piece of tech trash (which if my music wasn't on it than its what it was to me anyway), I said do it.
I expected a call saying it was no use. And after a few days forgot about it entirely since I figured it was a lost cause. The phone rang and they told me they were able to retrieve every single file (all my music....all of it)!
I don't even think they charged me more than like $60. To be honest I would have given my first born to have it back, so I don't remember what it cost but it was definitely reasonable!
These guys are amazing! They worked and worked at it from every angle, kept me totally informed the whole time, got my permission for everything they tried and within less than 2 weeks, they dove into the heart of the dinosaur of a hard drive and found every file it had hidden somewhere after appearing blank from each angle! They knew what it meant to me, what I'd been through, and they got it out and onto a new hard drive for me.
I am eternally grateful. I just took in my elderly father with dementia. I took his 2 hard drives, (one from an old Mac, an external one), and his 2013 MacBook Air. I just dropped it all off to have them collaborate all my dad's stuff to be as user friendly and easily found within one machine. I'm sure they'll help my dad with organizing his disorganization in his progressively confused state and I'll jump right back on here to write a follow up review.
I can't thank these guys enough! After the Mac Outlet charged my dad (on a walker who couldn't understand) $98 for a simple diagnostic to tell him his computer was trash because it was filthy inside, we won't be going anywhere else but here.


Place to go if you need a fix


Just wanted to post another review on such a great place to get great deals on used computers. Whenever I need or am looking for something I always contact Jeff the manager at this location and he always takes care of whatever I need to purchase. He is prompt, polite and very professional. The guys in Service are always happy to help if I have any issues at all (which is usually never) I have been going here since 2007 and will continue to patronize this business as long as I can. The evil big stores dont care about customer service at all. How do I rate Action? Scale on 1-10? I GIVE THEM 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or as they say on Ebay ....... Great seller A++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!


Like so many small businesses, running a real-estate brokerage places a large reliance on working computers. Of course there is never a good time for a computer to go down, but it recently did, shifting my focus towards an immediate resolution to the problem. After hearing so many positive recommendations about Action Computer, I decided to give them the opportunity to help me out of my computer dilemma. Action Computer exceeded my expectation with a high level of service and professionalism. The transition from the old to the new computer was seamless, and prices are so reasonable, I decided to buy a laptop too. After the purchase, Jesse, the representative in the shop, was very helpful with transferring over the data, making software installations, and answering all of my questions. Action benefited from gaining a lifetime customer that will return for all equipment purchases and service related issues. If you want a pain free transition, I recommend going to Action Computers.


Most of the computers I fix for family, friends & friends of family are out of date & eBay or independent shops like action are the way to go. & yes sometimes you pay a rather hefty price for older computer parts - it's called supply & demand. Notice how old/slow RAM is more expensive than new/fast RAM, because there's not as much to go around.Some people get attached to their computers & just want to keep them - nostalgia?Or they just don't want to buy a new PC when their old one still does what they need it for.Discovered Action on eBay while purchasing computer parts & did a double take when I saw the address. Not only were they in the same city but close by. Very helpful & before buying on eBay always check with Action first.They take the old, not working, computer parts off my hands too. Easier than paying to recycle it elsewhere.Don't bother trying to sell them your computer/parts. They make a living selling, not buying & will not give you what you can get selling it yourself on eBay or Amazon.


Jeff and the crew here are so friendly and polite. I have been to other computer stores in the past (A1 Electronics, Micro Center, etc) and have had some horrible experiences.. I realize some stuff I can get online but if I need a computer or an iMac I go here first I go here at least 2-3 times a month and always get treated well and with respect! -- Brian Peck Aurora CO


I recently applied for a job at Action Computers and had an excellent experience with the owners. I didn't take the position because my current employment offered me something else, but would jump at the opportunity to work for this local business down the road. In the short time I got to sit down and talk with Mark and Daniel it became apparent they were sincere business owners who really care about their customers. In the interview I learned about their values of the company. They don't look for ways to strip you of extra dollars like bogus warranty and they strive to get computers completely fixed the very first time. They strive for excellence as does the staff who were very welcoming and polite.I felt not only should my positive experience be shared, but the sincerity of the owners should as well. This is a local business you should support. Walk on in and take a look for yourselves!


I've been working with Action Computers for about 10 or 15 years, and their service has always been reliable. Just last week I worked with Ben O. to clean up my laptop so I could give it to someone. Excellent job and price! Thanks, once again, Action Computers! I'll be back. Craig B.


Great spot for used computers. Everyone there seemed to know their way around their large inventory. No pressure to buy anything or upgrade to something I didn't need. Bought an older iMac for my son to build his Minecraft universe on. Esteban was wonderful!


Just bought a "bare-bones" mac online. Had them install a newer OS than I had on my existing mac. I could NO longer run webpages on my old mac, the OS was out-of-date, and therefore NO new browsers would work. I could NO longer do online banking, view my investment accounts, get email, view the local real estate listings, etc. etc. This was solved when the "new" mac arrived. I installed the latest browsers, and BAM! I'm back in business! All this for about 1/10th of what it could cost to buy a new mac! (Really I just use this for Surfing and Browsing, etc.) Great solution for my browsing problems!


Again another great day for me at Action. Now that I found their ebay store shopping and picking up at the counter is even better for me!! Aaron thanks for taking care of my order all of you guys are awesome and from what I can see when I come here what a great team that helps each other out instead of throwing each other under the bus. Mark, you have a great sales and repair team. I enjoy chatting with everyone there and all of the staff stop what they are doing to say hey and never once have I got the "ok kid you bother me" experience. will be coming back alot more this summer. Action is #1 in my book!!! Jeff Myers (one of the managers) always make sure I am happy with my purchases.


I bought a refurbished laptop PC there, and it's been fantastic. However, twice during the 6-month period the same internal battery failed. Both times they did the work quickly and courteously,and didn't charge me a dime. Because of the continuous battery fail, they gave me an extra 6-month warranty after the first wore out. Now that's customer service! They definitely stand behind the products they sell and the work they do. Will be buying from them again.


Very helpful and courteous. I'll be more than happy to refer friends to action computers in the future.


Every time I go to Action, no matter what I buy the staff is fantastic. They make sure that the product is right for my use. They may be a little higher than Micro Center, but they treat you as a person, not just as a number. They are locally owned and operated and definitely deserve all the business they can handle.


Got a sweet deal on a Macbook. Jeff is a great salesman and very knowledgeable and friendly. Mark, if you read this let it be known I love all you guys and appreciate the great service. The evil store on Quincy Ave lost my business forever. I enjoy chatting with the staff and always leave with a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!


These guys have helped strengthen my faith in small businesses! Jeff gave me a call the day after my last review to find out more and see if he could help. As it turns out, one of their newer employees had run the specs on my computer. Jeff reassessed the computer and offered me a price closer to what I expected. While I was waiting for some performance tests on the CPU, I got a chance to look around a bit more. Their selection of high end laptops hadn't changed -- But, if I were looking for a good all purpose system, they had plenty to choose from at reasonable prices. Nobody's perfect and we all make mistakes. The important thing is how you address those mistakes. The folks at Action address them very, very well.


This place has terrific customer service. I've bought a laptop and miscellaneous computer supplies from them on a few occasions. They always triple checked to make sure everything was how I wanted it. They really do care about their customers. Highly recommended!


Surprised. They were fast, great price and no surprise charges. They put a hard drive in my Mac for about the price that my local Boulder repair store wanted just to look at my computer. Great service! I will come back.


Another great day went to get some monitors and some speakers Jeff gave me a great deal. About 5 employees helped me out to my van to load up my equipment. The entire staff at this location are awesome!! thank you thank you! Brian P, Denver CO


Couldn't be happier. I was working with the store manager Jeff and he did everything he could to help me. Even though I may not know too much about computers, he was able to get me a computer that will work for my needs at a better price than I have found.


I was only purchasing a $4 monitor cable, but they treated me like I was the queen of England.


I come here quite often for parts. All the employees there are great. Dean and Jeff are my 2 favorite reps. : You guys are awesome!! I will coming back for my future needs as well I am all about supporting local businesses... no longer will I go to the big evil money hungry store in the Tech Center. Thanks again Action you rock!!


From 1 star to 5 overnight. Out of sheer personal frustration, I wrote a bad review for Action. I admit this and I am sorry I did it. Daniel Kelly contacted me immediately and told me that they would do what was necessary to make me happy. This is important since the laptop was out of warranty. I should have contacted them first and asked if they would help me, instead of taking up pen so quickly. Daniel made me a happy and satisfied customer who is much more willing to be a repeat consumer. BRAVO to Action for helping me out.


The staff at this location are all nice and cordial and make sure you are satisfied before you leave. I spoke with Dean today (not sure of his last name) and he went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with computer equipment. Mark Hope, if you read these,.. you have the best emplyees anyone could ever ask for I will be coming here again, and again, and again..... maybe I can get a frequent buyer discount *grin* I coming back in a week or 2 to get even more things. I love this store and the people that work there dont have attitude like some of the competing stores in the Denver area. (I wont name names.) Thanks, Dean, hats off to you for being so nice. A very happy customer BRIAN P..


I'm extremely happy with the help I received from Wally in resolving a hardware issue. He assured me that making it right was his priority, and he followed through. The service department was polite & professional, and had me up and running in about 20 minutes. Kyle also made it clear that customer satisfaction is the rule here. When I'm ready to upgrade my laptop, Action Computers will hear from me first!


I would like to give a BIG Shout out to Mark Hope Owner of Action Computers, Inc. They saved me from throwing 2 of my computers away because they were locked up by some Russian Hacker that wanted a ransom to get my files back. Mark and his crew are an asset to have on our side. If you need ANYTHING Computer related including Ipad, Printers, Monitors etc. Action is located in University Hills Shopping Center and about 80th and Wadsworth. Thanks again Mark!!! Like their page and stay up to date on Specials they run :)


action computers has the best deals ever i saw an imac for $50 if you buy one from apple they usually cost thousands and thousands of dollars.


I went into Action a few days ago to get some monitors. My sales rep was Corny. She was friendly, answered my questions and even helped me tak me items to the van. Very happy with service. Alll of the people and nice.. unlike that "other computer store on DTC Blvd all they care is about corporate green and overcharging customers. Aciton is close to me and and never an attitude. Kudos to Corny and all of the guys there Thanks Brian Peck


Helpful when you have a question. I would definitely recommend them.


My Rep was Daniel. He was super. He explained everthing so even a dummy like me could understand. I defintly will come back when I need additional service and I will refer my friends or anyone that ask about good repair service. I would also like to commend Kat. She said she was new, but she was very Professional in her service. She was very knowledgeable in her service. She is a credit to Actionpc.


I am really impressed. I just outfitted my new technical business with some really badass and custom computer power! It was a hefty, complicated, HUGE investment and everything had to be built custom to meet some hefty program requirements. It was a two week job and I am really happy. I would ad a few caveats: 1. For bigger jobs, talk to the highest in command. My first bid was by a lower level employee and when Jeff M saw it he completely rebuilt the system, saying the original would not meet the specs. So talk to Jeff or someone else high up for the big complicated stuff.. 2. They are busy. This is a good sign. Phones are ringing and they are going 10 different directions. Don't expect to chit chat: they don't have time. They are distracted so this will lead to item 3. 3. It is going to take some time. Expect to be in here about twice as long as you think. Switching out a mouse? That will take 15-20 minutes. Checking out today with my new system took ONE WHOLE HOUR. But that said, everything was tested and double checked before I went out the door, and I was given specific set up instructions (which I screwed up of course, and they helped me gently over the phone!) I was really pleased and think I got a very fair value for my money, and was treated respectfully by very knowledgeable staff. I hope they aren't sick of me because they are my new IT guys!


You are lucky to have an employee like Aaron in your Service Department. Brought my used dell in with a giant problem (to me)...Aaron proved to be knowledgable and polite and fast. I was out the door 5 minutes later. I will tell anyone who will listen to give Action Computers a try.


Wonderful. I have used Action exclusively for many years, for my repairs and also for used equipment for many office locations. Great prices, knowledgeable staff, and really outstanding repair service. This last visit, I thought my laptop had died for good but they resuscitated it and did so cheerfully and for a small price. Liz at the front desk is great - efficient yet friendly! They have always taken care of me - even when an item didn't work out, they helped me through an exchange to equipment that was just right.


I want to thank you the very patient Employee Jesus for explaining in detail what was going on with my PC I will be returning for all my computer needs thanks again for all your help and courtesy.


Joe and Liz were a great help in getting my computer back into working condition! Great fast service!


The technical service department at Action Computers did a great job in analyzing the problems with my OS and providing a solution. I especially want to thank Joe for all the time and effort he put into making this a pleasant experience. Talk with him before you buy or install Windows 8.1 as it definitely has some problems.


I brought an old laptop and an even older computer to Action Computers this week and had an AWESOME experience!! The computer my 17 y.o. wanted online was $1100, she walked into Action Computers with her babysitting money from Summer, and they were able to give her what she wanted for under $400!!! If your child or business needs computer support at home and you are in the Denver area, this is your very best choice!!


I had some major hard-drive problems on my H-P laptop, but technician Joe H. and his colleagues got to the root of the problem in no time. They swapped out the bad drive, took care of the OS, and put everything back together in a swift, efficient manner. What's more, they kept me updated by phone through each major step in the complicated process, explaining what they were doing in ways that this non-techie could easily understand. What's more, the final bill came as a surprise: It was more than fair, considering all the work the AC crew did. Bottom line: I'd give Action Computers a solid A for diagnostic skills, top-flight service and affability. I would have no problem recommending the company to anyone who's having computer problems or who's in the market for high-quality, well-priced equipment.


Very cool computer shop great deals and employees are very knowledgeable and will help you get a unbeatable deal

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They do a great job every time I go in. Jeff is incredible.


I love action computers I really like Logan Joe and Liz thank you I am always in and out thank you and I love you guys


went to get a laptop and they had quite a few. was happy with the guy who worked with us jeff he knew what he was talking about and didn't try to sell me something I didn't need


The customer service is outstanding!!! I could not have been taken better of anywhere else! Thank you to Jeff so much for your all you help and understand of my needs!! I tell everyone about your store and customer service that you get from all the employees.


I really enjoyed my experience at action computers. Adam helped me out. I had a million questions and he answered all of them. All of these guys seem to be very knowledgable. I highly recommend going there.


Michael and Brad made my day when I came in. They had outstanding costumer service helping me find what I needed and even giving me a discount. This store has everything you could ever need in terms of computers and good looking staff, including a repair shop! I go here for all of my computer needs.


They have great customer service. Their warranty, return and exchange policies are clearly laid out when you make a purchase. They have honored them 100% of the time with me. I often times compare customer service of other companies to these guys. Action is my benchmark for good customer service.


Great customer service! Jesus was very knowledgeable and friendly. I will definitely be back!


I had been shopping at the "big box stores" for years before I found out about Action. When I first went in, Jeff and his staff were very open that the machine I was bringing in was old and really not worth doing anything with. It had the "xp end of support" virus and it would cost too much to install Windows 7 on the machine. Jeff got me fixed up with a Windows 7 computer for about 100 bucks and helped to move my data. Now I am able to hit the poker web sites that I couldn't access on the old machine. Everything is good with me! -NR


I did not conduct business here on my first time in, but I will most certainly make this my first stop for all computer needs in the future! I went in just to see what could be done about a computer of mine that doesn't work anymore. My wife has all of our pictures on it and we cannot lose them. I spoke to a employee, Josh, who informed me of my options. He was honest with me in that my computer may be too old to be worth trying to fix, but I think he could sense the urgency in obtaining the pictures. He said they could easily put the hard drive a little box so we could get the pictures as long as the hard drive was OK. The quoted price was much better than expected. Ultimately I decided I'd bring in both of our desktops at the same time and that we would have to come back later. I checked out the sales department and they seemed to have everything you could possibly need. There were a few customers and only a couple employees, so I had to wait a few minutes to be helped.


Bought a hard to find tower there for $35, works great and the sales staff was super friendly. It was also a great price on the tower! They also have good deals on other stuff so buy some old IDE drives and huck them at the hippies going into Sprouts to buy organic crap, it makes the whole shopping experience far more fun!


I've gotten two computers at this store and they have been affordable and the customer service has been outstanding. I have worked with Dean both times to find me a good computer and he has been very knowledgeable and friendly and I know if I have any problems with my computer that he will help me out. I'm definitely going back there when I need a new computer or equipment.


Really good customer service is hard to come by nowadays but Logan, Josh, and John have it figured out. When I came in with my broken computer looking for help all three of them dropped what they were doing to help me diagnose my computer. I ended up leaving it for about 5 hours came back and it was as good as new. They are truly magic workers.


The customer service here is impeccable. After spending all day getting bounced around at Best Buy trying to buy a new computer I eventually gave up, and gave Action a Shot. Fist person to greet me at Action Computers was Logan, he walked me through all the computer options and got me out the door with a great Dell Optiplex system. He made sure all my needs were met from wireless connectivity to antivirus, he really covered the whole nine yards. Really great experience will be back with all my computer needs.


I work with a local company that uses over 50 computers at the same time and needed to replace some that were older. Action sells 5 packs of computers with LCD's for $699. I worked with Jeff and was very happy with his professionalism and getting us taken care of quickly.


I am a longtime customer at Action Computer of Denver. Once again today I am reminded of why I keep coming back: Knowledgable and friendly sales persons, very reasonable prices and an overall positive experience!! Sometimes I come to store just to "hang out" because I always learn something new. Especially I cite Dean and Mark as two of my favorites. The Rev. Dr. Philip L. Green, Jr.


This store is great and I have bought three computers from Dean and he was very helpful and professional.


I got a used Macbook from Action and couldn't be any happier. The price was great, and the service was top-notch. If you go to service, ask for the tech named John. He helped me understand my options when updating the RAM and was friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and sensitive to my budget. Plus he was super cute :) I will be back!

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Veronika S.
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This is right place for taking a trip--- gone for computer repair. Action Computers Denver gave me nice service however there is nothing to complain against them. Due to making my computer repair done well----also for the internet service no doubt it.Actually I cannot explain everything ---just gooooooooood!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!


I have been using Action Computers for all of my computer-related needs for at least 8 years, and have always had very knowledgeable sales people to help me. They will really go the extra mile to help you! Prices are amazing. I would definitely recommend it.


Very impressed! I was looking for a basic media computer and found exactly what I was looking for and it was under $200. The salesman was extremely helpful and I was in and out in 15 minutes with the setup I needed. I'll definitely be back when the time comes again!


Outstanding customer service. We had a dead computer and Nick spent over 2 hours helping us set up our "new" one. Everyone in the store was knowledgeable and friendly. HIGHLY recommend these guys.


My old pc died and I needed to replace it. I went to Action Computers, and am very happy with my experience and my "new" pc. Cornelia Snyder was knowledgeable and really listened to what I needed before she suggested a new tower for me. She didn't try to get me to purchase something more expensive or add on anything that I didn't need, but directed me to the best tower in my price-range. The computer came with a 1-year warranty, so I can be fairly assured that, should I encounter a hardware problem, it will be corrected by this business. I need to add that I have actually shopped here for years, for anything from replacement cables to speakers to computers, and have never had a negative experience.


I came in and was immediately helped - which was great, because I had only 10 minutes to buy a computer. The guy who helped (P. Adam or something or other, sorry!) was direct, straight to the point and knew exactly what I was looking for. It helped that I knew what I was looking for too. He didn't linger on trying to sell me, just got straight down to the facts. Upon check-out, he explained everything (warranty, first time turning on the computer, etc) thoroughly and quickly, without being too overwhelming, and at the same time not dawdling at all. The only improvement, or clarification I would make is the pricing online? I came in thinking I was going to get a green-level desktop and a monitor for about $125.00 + tax, and ended up spending more like $190.00 + tax. Which is not outrageous, but it is a big price difference on what I was expecting to pay based on the pricing online. Thanks so much!

Laura K.
Laura K.
Yelp Logo 4 Star Rating

Bobby helped me with a battery replacement on my MacBook pro, and save me $$ when others did not offer me the same advice. Bobby has made me a believer.. He is the type of person I like to work with.


This is just the best used computer store on the planet. They have unbeatable prices. If you need a new (yes NEW) MagSafe for your MacBook, GO HERE. They have better prices than you can find anywhere including the net. I have spent thousands over the years in this place and always come back due to extremely good service, great pricing, location, and service after the sale. What more can you want?

Jon S.
Jon S.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I've shopped with them for 9 years. They have great customer service. Their warranty, return and exchange policies are clearly laid out when you make a purchase. They have honored them 100% of the time with me. Sometimes, even going further, which is a pleasant surprise. I often times compare customer service of other companies to these guys. Action is my benchmark for good customer service. I bet the people here with problems, were expecting more than the policies they agreed to, when making the purchase. These are problem customers. And I can only imagine they have a gamut of unnecessary problems in their lives.


Please be aware that I'm not tech savvy. With that said, I love these guys. They seem to always be straightforward with me about my options and they are reasonably priced. My last service request was to create an external hard drive from the hard drive in my Toshiba laptop that I could no longer access. I dropped it off on Saturday and was told that I would get a call on Monday for pick-up but, within a couple of hours, they contacted me to let me know they were able to get to it and it was ready and it was under $50.


We purchased a refurbished Dell computer and a flat screen monitor from the Arvada location a month ago. We found the employees there most helpful, and we are extremely satisfied with the machine we purchased. I would recommend Action Computers to anyone.


I did this in the store and shall do it here, I thank these people and their efforts! I had A computer and some parts I wanted to install in it. I was going to buy online but wasn't quite sure if my set up would work. I walked into the store and explained my situation, and I was graced with a response; normally these stores either wanted my machine or refused help, but someone sat their and made sure that what I got would work, enough power was going where it was needed, etc. Someone new was working the cash register and didn't quite know how to work it, but this only gave me more time to browse the store. The was practically enough stuff to build an entire new computer there! Cheap too. I am a huge online shopper and a lot of it wasn't any more expensive than it would have been through amazon. I will return to this store again, whether I need to or not.

Curtis R.
Curtis R.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Knowledgeable staff! Fast, friendly, successful and affordable service. Highly recommended! Extremely satisfied with my computer repair.

Mary B.
Mary B.
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I recently picked up a Trojan/virus on my laptop, which I didn't want to deal with myself I dropped the laptop off explaining that I would pay for a half hour of work. A full scan in more than $100 which I said was too much to pay. Fortunately they were able to remove the malware after a day and a half in the repair queue. I am happy with the repair, and they didn't screw anything else up, so we are good to go. Thanks!


Most of the computers I fix for family, friends & friends of family are out of date & eBay or independent shops like action are the way to go. & yes sometimes you pay a rather hefty price for older computer parts - it's called supply & demand. Notice how old/slow RAM is more expensive than new/fast RAM, because there's not as much to go around. Some people get attached to their computers & just want to keep them - nostalgia? Discovered Action on eBay while purchasing computer parts & did a double take when I saw the address. Not only were they in the same city but close by. Very helpful & before buying on eBay always check with Action first. They take the old, not working, computer parts off my hands too. Easier than paying to recycle it elsewhere.

Tamra H.
Tamra H.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

HAPPY HAPPY! I purchased a used laptop (that looks/feels new), several computer speakers, used hard drives, new hard drives, the bargain "scratch/dent" monitors (they are fine, even though they warned they might have damage), and so much more from Action Computers at the Denver location. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and fun. I also took 3 absolutely dead laptops to them for service, and they gave good estimates and gave great results. Thank you for all you've done for me! I highly recommend them.


I love this place. Excellent service center, super deals on refurbished computers, and all sorts of spare parts etc. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly. I also enjoy it's small business feel. I've been to Mircocenter, and I can tell you the contrast is stark. That place is unfriendly, corporate, assembly line, and when you need help they make you go 10 different places before you can get 'help' which has never been helpful in my opinion. Action Computer is none of those things. I always get treated like a real human being, not a number. I highly recommend them!


True to Form Now that's a parlance I don't throw around lightly. I only use it to describe special people and happenings. As it turns out, I was lucky enough to encounter both at Action Computers, Inc. Comelia Snyder helped me through the purchase of a new/used laptop. The laptop is slightly used, but it's new to me! I could write an inordinate amount of words to describe her, but I will stick to three descriptors for the sake of being concise. Comelia was friendly, knowledgeable, and even humorous. That's a trinity you don't find often in a salesperson. Aside from Comelia, I think the store itself is wonderful. There are lots of choice computers, laptops, etc. to be found here; and, the prices are alll very reasonable. Do yourself a favor and shop here before you buy new. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised!


With all due respect for the other reviews, I have been going to this store for the past 13 years and have *always* had a wonderful experience. Kory and the team are always so helpful, making suggestions that fit needs and budgets. Their work and customer service is great! I give them an A++++ I did ask about the unsavory reviews I saw, and was assured that any problems were fixed. Just took my computer in, it was fixed, correctly and in a very short time. Still love these guys. Give them a try-- you won't be sorry.


These guys are great - I went desperate for an exact replacement for a server hard drive hot spare in my raid 5 drive array, and they had exactly what I needed - several of them in fact - in stock and for a great price. Worked perfectly, day saved. I recommended them to my school that's looking for a computer lab - they have multiple computers of the same make/model that are perfect for a lab or office installation. Not to mention they had in stock just about every kind of laptop power cord known to man and tons of new and used components in stock, and a separate service center if I got in over my head. So that stuff is great, but honestly the best part was the people. They didn't make me feel incompetent for asking questions, and they were patient to explain and show me what I needed to know. That's worth a LOT all by itself. All that to say, I highly recommend - thanks for your help!

Lacy H.
Lacy H.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Customer service was amazing, affordable and professional. I won't ever go to a big box store after experiencing the help and prices of Action Computers. I am thankful that there are still locally owned businesses that are thankful for my business and will take care of any of my needs...locally. I'm tired of calling into some of these places and not able to find anyone who speaks clearly enough to help me. Thank you Action Computers. You have my business and anyone else that cares enough to support our locals. :-)

Olivia L.
Olivia L.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I have recently gone into Action Computers to buy some parts for my new computer. They had the exact parts I needed at a great price and the employee who helped me out (Dean) was very friendly and helpful! I will definitely be going back when I need more computer things.


I have bought 3 computers from these guys in the past 15 years! The only reason I had to buy more is I am a gamer and I need to have the top of the line on a budget! These guys customized and found used parts that made my comp roar for less $$$ then anywhere else I have found!


i.e., A local favorite, or highly recommended becauseAfter calling several data recovery companies who wanted anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 to "attempt" retrieving data from our failed external drive, I took our bad drive to Action Computers. They recovered most of our files (nearly 200 GB), including several years of irreplaceable family photos, for less than $300, which included the cost of a new 500 GB passport drive. Not only that, but they finished the job the day after I dropped off the bad drive. Fast, affordable, and good work! I highly recommend giving them a try if you're in the metro Denver area and find yourself in the same unfortunate situation we were in. Thanks, Action Computers!


After calling several data recovery companies who wanted anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 to "attempt" retrieving data from our failed external drive, I took our bad drive to Action Computers. They recovered most of our files (nearly 200 GB), including several years of irreplaceable family photos, for less than $300, which included the cost of a new 500 GB passport drive. Not only that, but they finished the job the day after I dropped off the bad drive. Fast, affordable, and good work! I highly recommend giving them a try if you're in the metro Denver area and find yourself in the same unfortunate situation we were in. Thanks, Action Computers!

Ed S.
Ed S.
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After calling several data recovery companies who wanted anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000 to "attempt" retrieving data from our failed external drive, I took our bad drive to Action Computers. They recovered most of our files (nearly 200 GB), including several years of irreplaceable family photos, for less than $300, which included the cost of a new 500 GB passport drive. Not only that, but they finished the job the day after I dropped off the bad drive. Fast, affordable, and good work! I highly recommend giving them a try if you're in the metro Denver area and find yourself in the same unfortunate situation we were in. Thanks, Action Computers!


Very decent for the price I paid. Granted I purchased it while they were having a sale. The only complaint I have is that I was there to purchase a tower and two monitors for work, which I explained to the gentelman helping me (a computer expert) and told him that I did not know much about what I needed, yet when I got home and got home and got everything set up I realized I needed to new graphics card and a vga adapter to even be able to properly use the second monitor. It would have been nice for him to put two and two together so I did not have to make a second trip but I guess you cant get everything unless your getting sold on by big business.


So convenient. A one stop shop for all your computer needs. I'm so glad Kane told me all about this place. LOL he pointed it to me from his back yard. Whatever you need for a computer you can get it here.


My computer got infected with virus. I took it in to Action Computers on a Thursday and got a call it was ready on Monday. Great customer service, they even have a sign in their window to please call and someone will come and carry your computer into to the store! Extremely friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.

Steve S.
Steve S.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I love these guys. They get all of my computer business from hardware to cables and connectors. They know their stuff. They give personal attention that you'll never see at a big box store. Computers are new and refurbished. If they don't have what you need they will build it for you and stand behind their work. They have another location at the North end of the Metro but this one is centrally located and easy to get to from anywhere.

Sofia D.
Sofia D.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I couldn't be more pleased with the knowledgeable staff and affordable prices plus all of the extras they threw in, these guys will be in business along time if they keep up the honest relationships with clients kudos!

Ryan H.
Ryan H.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I have bought a few computers from Action over the years for family members as well as myself. I have come back as I have always gotten a great deal. The prices are very affordable especially if you are giving a computer as a gift or even using it for yourself. The staff is knowledgeable and if they don't have an answer they can find someone who does. They have laptops starting at $90 and desktops for $60 I don't think you can go wrong with prices like that for computers. I definately would recommend you check them out for yourself before checking out a big box store you definately get a lot better customer service and get greeted at the door.


Best tech service I have ever received. I never have to worry about calling and not being helped immediately, or by someone who is outsourced in another country. Staff is top notch and always eager to help when you walk into the store. Great service and great prices!

Clyde R.
Clyde R.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Great store, and great support, they think of easy solutions to complex problems

Nancy C.
Nancy C.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Once again, Action PC comes to the rescue of my personal computer - and not a moment too soon. I have used their service several times over the past 8 years and have purchased a number of great reconditioned laptops and peripherals, too. Their customer and repair services are just great - I'm treated like a valued customer each time I come in and I value their commitment to service excellence. Thanks everyone!

Brian T.
Brian T.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Without question the BEST computer store in town! Not only do these guys support sick children with computers they also support other commmunity activities. You will never hear about these charitable activities as they do it for good not to be recognized. I have had computers repaired at Action with 100% success, bought computers at amazing prices and sometimes just stop in to look around. Their customer service is great and you are never made to feel like a lesser person if you don't know computers very well.... I don't. Great place with great prices and employees!!


These guys are top notch! I bought a new laptop from them and needed some help adding some programs and devices. They did a remote session with me and got everything straightened out! Thanks guys! Oh and the recording when you are on hold is hilarious! Makes being on hold tolerable!

N.R. A.
N.R. A.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I have purchased several computers from Action and have always been treated in the most professional manner. I even recommended them to my MOTHER ! The staff is very skilled in computer knowledge and doesn't make you feel like a "dummy".

Kaity F.
Kaity F.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I have never experienced such amazing service. This is a great local business to support! They actually thank you for your business- who does that anymore?! In this economy, the prices are great, the diagnostic team is always available to fix an issue, and they offer a warranty! The sales staff are always helpful and can answer any & all questions you may have. This is not your average computer store, these people want and value your business and take care of their customers. I wouldn't hesitate to send anyone to Action Computers. Support a local business who appreciates you!

Joe R.
Joe R.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

yes it is as good as it gets..i hav purchased several systems from these guys, both stores.( there is a north store north east corner 80th & wadsworth)..i have dealt with several employees in these stores & always had a good experience..daniel is a master at remote fixes & has don so for me on a few occasions..i send family & friends there rather than the big box places as action is much more customer oriented.…


(in a Star Wars voice) Action suuuure is the place to go =O


Had someone "fix" my computer somewhere else. It had a bad power jack. I took it here and they told me honestly that it wasn't fixed and that they didn't do the work properly. Instead of fixing the crappy machine again they sold me a base and were able to use some of the parts from my computer. I paid $75.00 instead of over $200 for a replacement. They treat me right -- I treat them right by telling the world why this is the best place to g0


nice guys that sell apples. not too many people doo


I went to the geeks at BB because my machine had failed they told me that i needed a new broad when i went to action they just found that the ram was dislodged what a relief


Took my computer in after I bent the pins in my cpu to all heck. (yeah, don't laugh...) The guys there were very helpful. I needed my computer back ASAP because my daughter needed to get her homework off of it and turned in the next day. They checked it out, fixed it, gave me a good price for parts and labor and I took home a faster, cleaned up computer same day. And my kid turned in her homework and got an A! I went in another time and they were very helpful with my laptop. Great service, great prices!


I wuv the Action =-D


I have been keeping my eye out for an IPAD 2 so when I was in need of a new laptop, I did not want to spend a lot of money. I purchased my laptop in August and at the end of November my battery would not charge. I took it back and realized that if it was the battery, I would be responsible for this. However, ACTION COMPUTERS not only resolved my issues but also replaced the battery with a brand new one. They far exceeded my expectations and I will tell everyone about them!


I felt inclined to write a review because ANYONE who has something bad to say about Action is a liar! Action is the best around! A+ customer service


Been to them all! Action is the greatest computer store I have found. $50 flat screens - take that Comp USA! BOOM!


charitable. inexpensive prices great staff. actions staff is 4 cuts above.


Perfect! I was in a pinch, I needed some stuff. They had what I needed, I enjoyed the experience and I love these guys! David and the crew are GREAT!!!!!!!


action computer fue muy bueno para mí. Yo estaba buscando un ordenador barato y eran una de las tiendas sólo en la ciudad que tenía algo para mí.


I took my computer into Action Computers after it quit turning on after a lightning storm. They were able to service it quickly. Thankfully only the power supply was damaged. They recommend a surge protector because I didn't have one. This was a nice piece of advice and it was inexpensive. From now on if any of my computers have a problem I definately will go see Action.


I went came here to sell a machine. They were very friendsly and went above and beyond to help me. I was very impressed by the professional environment that they had and was equally impressed about the quantity of product. Every wall was filled. Every cabinet had products in it. I thought I stepped into a candy store, but I shook my head twice and realized.... wait a minute! This is a computer store! Go visit Corny, Daniel, David and the crew at Action! You will not be let down. _JB_


I happened to be at the market next to them and saw the sign. WOW! What a place. Sold me a cheap screen and a $4 keyboard.


I was using my laptop when I spilled my coffee on it. I for sure thought my laptop was done for. I took my laptop to Action Computers to see for certain. They did a diagnosis and found that only the keyboard had been damaged. I was very happy. They were able to get the part and installed it they even cleaned up the coffee that had gotten into the laptop. I even got a discount on the service I didn't even ask for which was very nice. I've got my laptop back and it works great but I won't be drinking coffee around it again.


This place sucks.. because I spend too much money there!!! Great prices makes me happy :)




I love ACI they are the best!


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Great service, great staff, friendly owners, and a nice store. Action has everything that I need that other competitors don't. I have told my grandparents and my friends about Action, and I will continue to use them whenever I need something. - P.S.


Action Computers is hands down my new favorite computer store. I went in and talked to a lady that was very nice and knew exactly what I needed. She got me the right equipment and even went to the manager for a deal. Great job!


When I need something......... I go to Actiontech computers! They are locally owned and operated and that makes me feel better. i LOVE the guys who work there, mainly Jeff. He's a nice guy in general


These guys really know how to take care of the customer. A+ rating with the BBB made me check them out. They live up to that standard and have great computers starting at $45.00!


Action is really good


this place gets a lot of my money.... and I am happy with that! The action here is huge ACTION COMPUTERS!

Daisy W.
Daisy W.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I had gone to use my laptop computer after not using it most of the summer. I remembered why I had stopped using it. It was so slow. I took my laptop into Action Computers as I had a couple friends recommend them. The service was great. I got my computer back very quick and its running like new they did a great job and the price was very good. I even got a discount on my service which was great to hear.

John. A
John. A
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

These guys are really good! I have been here several times and have had nothing but great service and support. They have inexpensive computers and equipment. I have been doing computers FOREVER and I will always go back to these guys. Thanks, Action!


great experience - I thought this place was awesome. Recently I was looking for a basic computer for my daughter for school. I picked one up for $60 that works great! They have great service and great prices.


Go see one of the managers they will get you a great deal! Anyone there is happy to help and I never felt any pressure to buy anything.


Great small business - Local, not big guys - I was on my way to another store today to buy a new computer. On my way there I found this store. They quoted out a great computer for me at (what I felt) was a great price. I like to support local business for two reasons. It helps our local economy and I get a more personal feeling (compared to the big box stores). I got great service and these guys will warranty this thing for a year. I have never been so comfortable with my purchase.


I run a small boat store in Lakewood. The people that run Action Computers know how to do things right. I came in expecting to replace my computer. Instead they serviced it for $40 dollars and sent me on my way. I was so shocked that I came back and upgraded all of the computers at the office. Thanks Action and the crew!


The BEST computer store in Colorado, maybe the world


Listen to these guys on Rick Barber. Great business and helpful

Bill C.
Bill C.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

Excellent service. I took my laptop in to Action because I had a virus on it. They cleaned it up and now it is running like when I first got it. The service was very fast. I had my computer back in a couple days. If I ever need any computer work again I will definately be coming back.


action is so much better than bets buy!!


This is my favorite place. I found some phones for $15.00 that worked with Sprint! The computers that they sell are from the businesses so they are made to high quality.


SCSI cables - GOOD LUCK FINDING THOSE AT BEST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Action had 'em and they were CHEAP! Made me look like a rocker when I got to my boss.


We had the Geek Squad come out to try to fix our computer. After 2 hours and 349.95 they couldn't fix it. Action came out for a third of the price and fixed it in a third of the time. They are pretty darn snickity good in my book!!!


They work with my school district and have made all of our old school computers new they run faster and i brought my parents there to buy one


WOW! I went to Action about 6 months ago and found the store to be... less than pleasing. I went in yesterday and was shocked to find a remodeled store with significantly reduced prices. Computers start at $15.00. That's crazy. I bought a printer from them for a great price and have always been happy with the products I get from them.


Great job guys. Daniel and Mark run the RIGHT BUSINESS and treat customers like gold. Thanks guys.


Action does it right. Their service is top!

Polly P.
Polly P.
Yelp Logo 4 Star Rating

had a blue screen on my computer and brought it in to Action computers to get it fixed. They scanned it..and fixed a number of errors on it...when I got it home..I noticed that some of my audio didn't for YouTube , etc... I brought it back 3 more times..and each time they said they had fixed it..which I believe had happened..but when I got it didn't work. I sent and email..and Daniel, one of the owners contacted me and offered to try and work on it remotely.. So..we set up and time and he worked on it remotely...he found the problem..and insidious spyware that had denied permissions to my audio and had it fixed in 20 min...!!! Daniel , you are my hero and EVERYONE at Action computers was so nice and helpful and really cared. I appreciate their continued commttment to fixing the problem when I was about to give up!!!! Thanks again..I will recommend you to everyone and will certainly come back if I need you..(which I hope I dont!!!)…


i am an older customer of actions and i have had a tough time finding someone with the knowledge and patientce to help me find a computer that will work for me i have a 98 windows computer they helped me set it up at home too


Great. Computers for 45 dollars. They service another computer of mine for 49.95


I will never shop at another store again. I went to MC and they wanted $49.95 for an HDMI cable. ACI's price = $25 bucks! This place can not be beat, which explains why they have been there so long.

William C.
William C.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

My laptop fell off my laptop while I was using it and it wouldn't boot up. I took it to Action and they were able to get my laptop back up and running (it had a bad hard drive) and they were able to get a couple documents that I needed. The price I thought was very reasonable compared to the prices I have seen advertised in the big box stores. They were very understanding of my situation and were very helpful.


Fast service department. Came from Geek Squad because they said they would fix a problem but did not. Action did it for half the price, twice as fast, ten times as nice of service. I love action computers. Plus I checked in on Facebook and got 10% off.

Mason S.
Mason S.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I took my laptop to Action because it wasn't turning on. I had taken it to another store and they had said my motherboard was bad but I wasn't confident in their diagnosis. The techs at Action said it was a bad DC jack; the place where you plug in the power cord. They replaced it and my laptop now powers up and works. I'm glad I got a second look at Action before getting a new laptop these guys definately know their stuff.


I am the IT director at a large school district in Denver. I bought some computers from Action and I could NOT be more happy. The best service I have ever seen and the prices... whew. I have made 6 labs for the children which had old Pentium 3 Optiplex machines in them. Not we can run all of the state required tests on them which we couldn't before. My wife and I are going to purchase our home machine from them next time we need one. Everyone should go to Action. Thank you guys!


This is my second time here and I really can't find a better place to shop. As I was walking in they had 50 computers gong out the door (so I felt that I was in the right place RIGHT AWAY). I would highly suggest talking to Mark the owner of the company. He gave me 75 dollarps off my computer and even brought in the general manager. A+++++++

Daisy M.
Daisy M.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

My machine was running slow and had lots of popups. I took it to Action to see if they could clean it up. Boy did they ever. I got it back no popups they recommend more RAM and now the machine is running as good as it was when it was new. Very happy with their service.

Katie D.
Katie D.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

These guys are awesome! Over the past 3 years, they have replaced hard drives in 3 of our laptops and rebuilt our computers. I have also used them for business purposes. They built 3 used computers for my office and gave us a smokin deal!


I've purchased a laptop from Action and was impressed by the well-informed and customer friendly staff. The 'big box' stores often do not offer the same friendly and knowledgeable staff. The Action employee did not pressure me into buying something I didn't need and provided assistance in purchasing exactly what I needed at a reasonable price. Action also offers an impressive service staff that provides fast and efficient service not experienced at other computer stores. Customer service with a personal touch at a sensible price.


Very professional and courteous staff. They were very patient figuring out everything that I needed. I will definitely be back!




they sold me a computer for WoW used for $400 that sold new 2 months before for $699 i checked the ad. this is the only place i come for my computer stuff and would never go n e where else. the service department fixes issues fast too. my dad brought his in because they are A+ on BBb impressive

David S.
David S.
Yelp Logo 5 Star Rating

I went to Action Computers this weekend looking for a computer for my kids. I was really surprised at how low their prices were. They had computers with windows starting as $45. I ended up purchasing a Dell for $90. It is very quick and my kids love their "new" computer.


Was greeted immediately when I walked in the door. The sales person jeff was friendly and answered all my questions. The store was clean and organized. Couldn't be happier


The people at Action Computers are really friendly, and know alot about problems with computers. I had a friend go there, due to my good experience, and she found that they were much less costly in fixing her computer than "the other guy". Also the service is fast and I thankfully haven't had any problems with my lap top since they fixed it. I feel that I could ask them any question about computers, and they would know the answer. And that is rare these days. Thanks…


A+ business. Great customer service and a great deal.


I have been a customer of Action Computers for over 10 years. I have used them on a professional and personal level. Over the years they have constantly exceeded my expectations from a service stand point. They pay attention to details. they inform you what is going on and they deliver. Their customer service is always top notch. Recently the mother board on my laptop was failing, they explained everything in detail and Mike Harris had me up and running within 24 hours. Their prices are reasonable and as always they go over and above to make sure you are satisified. I highly recommend this company and I have to many individuals and companies.Keep up the good work and thanks for the great service and quality products!!!


reat prices!!!! I read a couple of reviews that stated some of the prices were high. That was not my experience. I just bought three computers for $105 (that's total FOR 3) each including Windows XP (I just wanted something for my kids to play with and get used to technology. Why have them share a PC when they can each have their own? The guy that helped me, Jeff Myers, was very helpful and friendly to work with. Highly recommend this place - don’t just read the reviews, go check it out and see for yourself.

Ralph H.
Ralph H.
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I took my HP laptop into Action when one day it quit turning on. The service department checked it out and found a RAM stick had come loose. I was so happy to find I didn't have to buy a new laptop.


They saved my bacon on Friday afternoon - I own a small business and our server crashed last Friday afternoon. I took the server to Action Computers on Colorado Blvd at 4pm Friday and asked them for help as our entire database was at risk. I spoke to Daniel who got right to work on our server. They figured out that one of the hard drives had crashed but were able to salvage all our data. I had the server back Saturday at noon with a new hard drive and all our data. I cannot be more pleased at this company’s urgency to help mine and will be forever grateful for their fast and helpful service.


great service! Saved hundreds $$$ - I went in to shop their computers, could have spent over $200, for used. $400 - 600 for new. A woman named Cornelia suggested we have their guys do an increase on the ram of our Dell with XP. Cost us $55. My wife and I are delighted with the speed and performance of our old computer. Cornie did a great job saving us money. We will shop there when we need our next computer. By the way it is performing, I think it will be another 4 or 5 years.


These guys know there stuff. It's expensive but I'd like to see the average person replace a hard drive or a laptop screen.


I am so impressed with these guys. I just moved back to Arvada, getting my business going here, and I had serious trouble with my computer and was worried I would never get it working again. Ryan, Jesus, and Evan were so supportive and offered me all kinds of options. They correctly diagnosed the problems with my pc. Action Computers rebuilt the computer at a reasonable cost. Now it works so amazingly well. Thank you, Action Computer. You are my go-to computer guys from now on.


Honest, prices a little high, but competent. They know what they are talking about. If you want new, buy new. If you buy used, it won't last as long.


I thought this store was awesome. The people were nice and helpful for me. I was only looking for a USB PCI card so it wasn't real technical but they were helpful and the price was better than online shops like newegg. All the used and new gear looked reasonably priced to me. I will be shopping here again for sure.

Louis C.
Louis C.
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I would like to let everyone know these guys are great, They know how to treat customers right and help you solve any computer problem you have in a hurry. Please give these guys a chance you will be taken care of.


Great Service, Great People - I've shopped at Action Computers for a couple years now. The sales staff and the service staff are both incredible! I had a couple laptops that both got corrupted. In short order, and for an extremely fair price, both were quickly repaired and upgraded. They run fast, and don't have any issues anymore at all. Thanks, Action Computers!!!!!


In A bind and Helped me out - I was in town and my laptop took a dump. Found Action and was back up in running in Hours instead of days. Fast and reliable. Owe you big time!!!!!!


Action Computers ROCK!!!! - I drive over a 100 miles just to have Mark and his staff fix whatever is ailing my PC. It is done professionally and his staff is aces. A hundred thanks!!!!!!


Quick complete - I have purchased multiple systems from Action computers, as well as had service work done on my units. The service work performed on my computers has always been done in a more than timely fashion. Mark Hope took (owner) took a personal interest in my business and is quick to help. It is nice to call and actually talk to a real person. Dan (unknown last name) is a wizard when it comes to fixing my computer problems & treats his customers well. I reccomend all my friends & family to Action computers.


Action Computers saved my computer - After suffering from an annoying trojan I got on the phone to Action Computers and within an hour, Mark and Dan, had remotely cleaned my computer and replaced my less than desireable McAfee Anti-virus software with Norton. My PC is now faster and running like a champ. I wouldn't think of calling anyone else!


Outstanding Customer Service - I went to Mark at Action Computers back in July and needed to find a machine to replace the one I had which had overheated and burned up. Not only did he and his staff find an excellent used machine for me but they were able to recover ALL of my documents and family photos from the old machine...incredible. Having lost my Father less than two years ago, these guys saved a lot of memories I didn't realize I had on the old hard drive. Action Computers will always have my computer business. Thanks Mark and Crew!! BUBBA


Great Service - I've been helped out numerous times with problems with my pc's. They always diagnose it quickly and get the work done fast and within my budget. Next time I'm in the market to purchase one I'm going THERE !!!!


Never had a problem - Myself and other family members have been taking care of our computer needs at Action computers for several years. The staff has always been very helpful every time and if something breaks they always fixed the problem in a timely manor and the price was always affordble. I know several other people who also do business there and have never heard of them having any problems either. I have recomended them to numerous other people if anyone asked me about computer or related items. I will continue to do so in the future.


Best Service and Assistance in town!! - The staff and owners of Action Computers are the best in town.... PERIOD. I have had my personal computer repaired there and also had several work computers repaired. Always can trust the prices and work. THEN.... After the owners found out my son had a serious illness they donated a lap top computer for him to have (YES FREE) so he can surf the internet when he is in the hospital. In my eyes Actions Computers is not only a great business but also a great community asset!!

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