Action Computers is a value added reseller and computer service provider in Denver Colorado. Action can provide computer support for all of your computer, network and server needs. Action Computers has been providing computer and networking support in the Denver Metro area since 1993. Action Computers repairs computer slow down, lockups and other annoying computer system problems caused by virus, spyware or hardware and software failure. We repair desktops, notebooks and servers. Action Computers also sells quality name brand computer hardware and software. Our experience shows in our ability to solve your computer and network problems in a timely manner. Our goal is to solve your computer, server, network, internet and printer problems at the lowest cost to you. We will work hand and hand with you during the planning stage, and then complete your work on time and under budget.

Hardware Sales

Performance Grade By ACI
Open Architecture – High Performance – Super Cooled

Our buyers scour the globe finding the highest quality parts, which we buy in HUGE volume to reduce our cost. The really neat thing happens next.  Our expert A+ certified technicians then craft these hand picked, high tech treasures into our custom systems. The icing on the wonderful cybernetic cake is that these machines are then offered to public at DEALER 25-50 level pricing!

In short, we build our custom systems as an electronic Thank You from Action Computers, Inc. to all of our long time wonderful customers.

Again, Thank You For Your Business .... Enjoy

Mark Hope
Action Computers

Website ONLY - Print or Mention This Ad to Get This Price!

Website ONLY - Print or Mention This Ad to Get This Price!

Website ONLY - Print or Mention This Ad to Get This Price!

A type of computer architecture that allows adding, upgrading and swapping with standard components. The opposite of open is closed or “proprietary.”

pro•pri•e•tar•y / prə-prī'ĭ-těr'ē /; Adjective

a product not conforming to open standards, and thus puts the customer at the mercy of a vendor who can inflate service and upgrade charges after the initial sale has locked the customer in.

Why choose a computer that is built from expensive and often hard to find proprietary components? All Action Performance Grade Systems are built from industry standard parts that can be replaced or upgraded without the hassle of calling overseas for Big Box brand equipment. All parts are products of established manufacturers and have been handpicked by our technically savvy design team to work together at the highest possible level of performance.

A Cooling System designed for units that need to perform above the “average” level. These systems provide superior heat dissipation, keeping internal components at low temperatures, while maintaining a low noise threshold.

The simple truth is that hot computers require more frequent and more costly repairs than computers that are being cooled properly. Improper ventilation causes dangerous heat build-up that can overstress system components. As these parts begin to overheat and fail, performance drops and system stability is compromised. Hot systems slow down and crash, often damaging parts in the process. Unfortunately, as mass-produced computers become more and more popular, lower quality fans are commonly used which allows for more heat build-up and shorter lifespans. All Action Performance Grade systems use custom designed cooling solutions that are hand-picked to allow for the highest possible cooling at the lowest possible noise level, so your system will last longer and run better, quieter than many Big Box brand systems.

The execution or accomplishment of work, acts, feats, etc at a level farthest removed from the ordinary or average. The highest manner of efficiency with which something fulfills its intended purpose.

A new computer should act like a new computer. Many Big Box brand computers are underpowered from the factory to meet a pre-determined price point. As a result they often feel slower than the systems they were intended to replace, requiring costly upgrades out of the box. All Action Performance Grade systems use top quality components guaranteed to meet the rigorous performance needs demanded by our highest-end clientele, including Wall Street Day Traders, Graphic Designers, Video Producers and Geophysicists. What this translates to is unparalleled performance and reliability that has been hand tested and tuned to a level that simply can’t be achieved by mass-produced systems.