Action Computers is a value added reseller and computer service provider in Denver Colorado. Action can provide computer support for all of your computer, network and server needs. Action Computers has been providing computer and networking support in the Denver Metro area since 1993. Action Computers repairs computer slow down, lockups and other annoying computer system problems caused by virus, spyware or hardware and software failure. We repair desktops, notebooks and servers. Action Computers also sells quality name brand computer hardware and software. Our experience shows in our ability to solve your computer and network problems in a timely manner. Our goal is to solve your computer, server, network, internet and printer problems at the lowest cost to you. We will work hand and hand with you during the planning stage, and then complete your work on time and under budget.

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We had so much fun doing some of these we just had to save them.

You will be able to tell from the ads below we have fun at Action Computers every day, that doesn’t mean we don’t take our business and the care of our customers seriously, we do! We have the friendliest most expert staff in Colorado, come on in and have some fun and let us take care of your entire computer and all of your computer repair needs.

Note: Many of the spots on this page are out of date and the prices may not be correct, in most cases the prices in the store will be much lower. Call or stop by your local Action Computer store for up to date prices and specials.

Sorry To Put You On Hold


Clean Up Dec 2006

Cupid 2006

Deliverance May 2006

Elf 2006 001

Elf 2006 002

Elf 2006

Holiday Nov 2006

Lepricon 2006

Make The Grade Radio 2006

Martin From Mars 2006

Med Safety Month 2006

Out Of This World July 2006

Teacher July 2006

Familiar Apr 2005

Hot Enough For You June 2005

Memorial Day May 2005

Napoleon June 2005

Post Xmas 2005

RedTag Sale April 2005

Sale Divito Apr 2005 Action Customers Told Us They Loved This One!

Santa 2005

Secretariat Feb 2005

Webster 2005

Wilfred Wormbait Apr 2005


Cupid Jan 2004

Father Time Dec 2004

Pilgrim Jan 2004

Scary Savings Jan 2004

Speaker Of The House 2004

Virus June 2004

WayBack Machine Apr 2004

Welcome Back Aug 2004


Business To Business Nov 2003

Cupid Feb 2003

Elvis Dec 2003

Joe Byte July 2003

Know It All May 2003

Mothers Day May 2003

National Security Day Nov 2003

PC Health 2003

Recession bug 2003

shameless promotion 2003

The Voice 2003


Holiday Nov 2002.mp3

Reggie McDaniels

Reggie McDaniels Dec 2002

Reggie McDaniels Feb 2002

Reggie McDaniels Jan 2003

Action Customers Told Us They Loved This One!
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