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Final Cycle - Action History

What Was The Final Cycle?
In short the "Final Cycle" was the last stop a computer made before we tear it apart and recycle the base components like circuit boards,steel, aluminum and the like. The "Final Cycle" was a store (next to Action Computers in Denver) that had a sale once a week on Saturday from 10:00 to 3:00.

(You Had To Come Early To Get The Good Stuff - There Was A Line To Get In.)

"That sale is great I was there last Saturday and I bought my grandson a Pentium III for $15.00 ..... for EVERYTHING! He is so happy to have his own computer. I am going to get one for the kid down the street next week. I feel like Santa Clause, but at that price how do you go wrong?"

The sale was really nothing more than a creative fun way to recycle technology.

Fun @ The Final