How do you determine the actual speed of a computer? A benchmark! But what IS a benchmark?


Have you ever wondered what makes a computer fast? If you buy a computer with a decent processor, you are solving most of the problem. But that’s not the only part that you need to be concerned about!

Benchmark tests show overall system performance

Your processor works together with other components to make your computer runs quickly.  For example, if you have a slow, under powered hard drive.  your overall system performance will go down.  Same goes with RAM and graphics.  A benchmark utility will test each individual component and give each an individual score.  That score gets added up and becomes your benchmark score!

The bigger, the better

The test will show you where you need to put your money to upgrade your computer to get more performance.  Once the score gets high enough, you will need to upgrade the system completely to gain more performance.  This test is especially useful when trying to compare the speeds of different computers, or doing a before and after when doing upgrades.

Action Computers uses benchmark scores to assist the customers in picking the correct computer for their needs!

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Think running dual monitors is expensive or hard to set up? Think again!

Running 2 monitors on your laptop or desktop is very easy and affordable to set up. Once you have 2 monitors.. you will never go back!


In a world of multitasking, dual monitors is almost a necessity. Users running several applications often find the convenience of having two monitors a more beneficial upgrade to their computer than adding more memory or hard drive space.  And, since the prices of flat screen monitors have came down in price, you can get a decent flat screen set up for less than you think!

Ready to go dual?  Check to see if your computer is ready.

Newer computers are often set up to run dual monitor displays, but not always.  Older computers typically need a graphics card added.  Look at the back of your computer for any graphics outputs that look like these:


Some connections above may need converters to run certain monitors.  Your salesperson will be happy to show you the different options.  Normally a converter cable costs less than $20.

Need an extra connection(s)?  No problem!

If you only have one video output above, you will need to add a part to run 2 monitors.  Luckily, this can be easier than you think!  We can add a graphics card into the machine, starting as low as $42.99, that has the connections you need for dual monitors.  Alternatively, if you don’t want to bring your computer in for service, a USB video adapter is an easy addition to your computer that simply plugs into a port.  These are only $42.99!

Find the right size monitor

We sell a variety of LCD monitors starting as low as $19.99 that will work perfectly as dual displays!  Want to go large?  We carry up to 27″ monitors on hand and can order any larger size you need!

Dual monitor packages start as low as $79.99!  Add a second monitor to your computer today!

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New vs Used Speed Test Comparison

Don’t be tricked into buying an “inexpensive” new machine, thinking your getting a good deal because of the price!

Big box computer retailers bring customers in to their stores by offering low priced, low quality affordable hardware. While it would appear you’re getting a deal, the slow processor will make your computer experience miserable.  Don’t fall for it!

Action Computers carries high quality, long lasting computers at value prices

The result is higher cost, higher quality components which results in improved speed.  To test this, we loaded a benchmark utility on one of our Dell Optiplex computers and compared that to a similar affordable machine:

Dell Optiplex 780, 4GB RAM Windows 7 Core 2 Duo – 444 – $239

Competitor: HP Pavilion, 4GB RAM Windows 8 Celeron J – 336 – $249

The results

Our entry level computer scored better than a competitors machine that is BRAND NEW!  That means you will notice a speed improvement resulting in web pages loading faster and less waiting for programs to load which means you will be more productive!

Quality, high speed desktop computers starting as low as $239.99!

dell_optiplex_780a_2_1_1_1 DELL-780-2optiplex-780-benchmark-scor

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A revolutionary way to clean your keyboard for $10.99!

“Cleaning my keyboard takes too long and I don’t know what to use on it”

Check out this new solution, only available at Action Computers!

Introducing keyboard slime – put it on top of your keyboard, and it cleans! Use it on your desktop, laptop or tablet keyboard, as well as other devices that could use some cleaning. Check out the pictures below!

Normally $19.99

SALE! $10.99

Dirty yucky keyboard

Here is a dirty keyboard!

Slim Closeup

The slime goes on top

so fresh so clean


And now it’s clean!  Much easier than cleaning solutions and about a quarter of the time needed!


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Is your computer slow? We know why…

Scammers are using your computer against you. Viruses and spyware can take many forms on a computer, from annoying adware to very malicious identity stealers and data destroyers. All of these pieces of software run hidden programs on the computer in the background that can be hard to detect. Many of these programs eat up your memory, disk space and your CPU processing cycles, leaving less room to run real applications. Simply adding RAM memory or hard drive space won’t solve the problem unless the real problem is removed first. Read More…

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Apple iPad 2 16GB Wifi available!

We don’t see too many iPad’s come in. And when we do.. they sell.. FAST!

We have a 16GB iPad 2 available now for $229.99. Hurry! Only 1 left!

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You need a $109 iMac running XBMC.. you just don’t know it yet!

“I had one computer at the house and could never get any work done because the kids were always using it.”

This is the real deal! A customer came in to me the other day and LOVED her new iMac running XBMC. Why? Not only is it an all-in-one computer, but it has the capability to run out to a big screen TV as a second monitor! So, you can do your work on the main screen and let them watch cartoons on the second screen, like PBS Kids, Qubo, and more!

For $109, you can get an iMac and the software included!


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Why pay for cable TV when you can stream its contents for free??

Cable is expensive!  Stop paying outrageous prices to watch shows that are available online!  Action Computers can help!

Action Computers is proud to announce the available addition of XBMC and Minecraft to ALL of our new and refurbished desktop, laptop, and Apple computers!

Digital media is an important part of our computers these days. With the large amount of music, videos, and pictures available on the internet, combined with huge amounts of storage, people have more files today than ever.  Action Computers is here to help!  We have officially started to load XBMC on our computers to allow you to organize and view your files using an attractive user interface and full support for remote controls.  Loading the software is relatively easy.. customizing and making it support major services is pretty complicated.  We have invested a lot of time to test, install and perfect our version of XBMC to give you the best it has to offer.  Don’t be fooled by people adding hundreds of extra dollars to equipment because it’s loaded with XBMC.  We offer this software for FREE to anyone that would like it loaded on their newly purchased laptop or desktop!  Check out some of the features it has to offer:



See album artwork for all of your music files on your computer and play whole albums



Watch all of your videos and see the case art for each one using XBMC.



Add content to your XBMC and stream videos from major providers like ESPN, HGTV, Discovery Networks, and more!  This kind of content is not available on set top boxes like Roku or Chromecast and is typically only available through the provider web sites!  We have added all of our favorites.

We are also loading Minecraft on our machines!  Minecraft is a popular game right now for younger kids and adults.  We have hand picked machines as suggested by a resident Minecraft developer that will run the game great!


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Action Computers donates computers to children in need this summer.

The unfortunate truth is that many children don’t have access to a computer at home and are at a significant disadvantage from those who are more fortunate. Here at Action Computers, we are dedicated to education and want to give back to the community however we can. So far this year, we have already donated over 300 PCs and laptops to local organizations that help get computers to children in need. While we’re proud of that number, we’d like to do even better. So, this year, we’re upping the ante. For every computer purchased during the 2014 Back To School season, we will donate a computer to a charity dedicated to awarding computers to needy children.

Please help us hit our goal this year of 1000 computers donated to children in need!

via Action Computers, Inc. – Operation: Computers For Kids 2014.

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What is all this about 3D Printing?

When Mick Ebeling traveled to Sudan, he had an idea: to setup a 3D-printing lab to print prosthetic for the people who need them the most.

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