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As a long time professional in the information technology field, and a woman, it is challenging to find a computer/info tech company whose employees, regardless of their age, communicate with women, without condescending/patronizing behavior. This has not happened at Action Computers. The employees have listened and communicated in a professional manner. The service has been excellent, competent, knowledgeable and HONEST. The last business service was with Charles, who was Great. Thank you for excellent Customer Service and Professional respect!


My service rep, Jesse, went above and beyond to figure out what was wrong with my laptop and once the mechanical issues were resolved, they went in and fixed a bad driver that was preventing my PC from starting properly. We love Action Computers. We've purchased a used XP desktop PC, MacBook and a 24" monitor from them over the last couple of years. When it comes to computer and computer gear, this is the place to be... Thank you Jesse!


A few years ago I had this really old external hard drive that contained ALL my music. (Mainly very hard to find with no list to try to replace it all should something happen). Something did. My house was robbed. All my old crappy useless but useable computers were stolen along with my punk leather jacket, every family heirloom worth anything and all my clothes, boots (I'm a girl in a size men's size 3 shoe size) and well, if you understand anything about that stuff, you'll shed a tear or two knowing it ripped out my heart to lose such sentimentally valuable stuff. My house was turned upside down and oh....the kicker....they got me in a 2 hour window on Christmas Eve night when I was just up the street having Christmas dinner with my family.
Long story short, I was able to dig out my old hard drive with my music on it. All that was left. However it was configured to be used with a Mac which I couldn't afford to replace. I finally had a friend try to use it with his Mac and he said the hard drive appeared empty. 500GB empty. Maybe it was stored with a really big magnet? I was once again shattered. My roots, memories, soul...gone.
Finally I took it to these guys. They worked and worked and it kept coming up empty. Finally they called and said they could offer one last ditch effort and totally destroy the casing, tear it open and rip it to shreds essentially turning it into a useless twisted piece of tech trash (which if my music wasn't on it than its what it was to me anyway), I said do it.
I expected a call saying it was no use. And after a few days forgot about it entirely since I figured it was a lost cause. The phone rang and they told me they were able to retrieve every single file (all my music....all of it)!
I don't even think they charged me more than like $60. To be honest I would have given my first born to have it back, so I don't remember what it cost but it was definitely reasonable!
These guys are amazing! They worked and worked at it from every angle, kept me totally informed the whole time, got my permission for everything they tried and within less than 2 weeks, they dove into the heart of the dinosaur of a hard drive and found every file it had hidden somewhere after appearing blank from each angle! They knew what it meant to me, what I'd been through, and they got it out and onto a new hard drive for me.
I am eternally grateful. I just took in my elderly father with dementia. I took his 2 hard drives, (one from an old Mac, an external one), and his 2013 MacBook Air. I just dropped it all off to have them collaborate all my dad's stuff to be as user friendly and easily found within one machine. I'm sure they'll help my dad with organizing his disorganization in his progressively confused state and I'll jump right back on here to write a follow up review.
I can't thank these guys enough! After the Mac Outlet charged my dad (on a walker who couldn't understand) $98 for a simple diagnostic to tell him his computer was trash because it was filthy inside, we won't be going anywhere else but here.


Place to go if you need a fix


Just wanted to post another review on such a great place to get great deals on used computers. Whenever I need or am looking for something I always contact Jeff the manager at this location and he always takes care of whatever I need to purchase. He is prompt, polite and very professional. The guys in Service are always happy to help if I have any issues at all (which is usually never) I have been going here since 2007 and will continue to patronize this business as long as I can. The evil big stores dont care about customer service at all. How do I rate Action? Scale on 1-10? I GIVE THEM 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or as they say on Ebay ....... Actionpc.com Great seller A++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!!

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Action Computers was founded in 1993 and specializes in buying, recycling, selling and servicing computer and other electronic equipment. Action Computers is the largest buyer, refurbisher, and retailer of used computers and electronic equipment in Colorado. While we have purchased thousands of computers from large multinationals, we also take care of small local businesses and other organizations, public or private.

We pride ourselves on providing one-stop solutions to organizations needing to dispose of electronic equipment and helping our retail and online customers get the best value and quality when purchasing equipment. If you need service and repairs, we’re your solution! Our A+ Certified Technicians are highly trained to provide you the best and quickest service available in the entire metro area. Maybe you have equipment to sell or recycle. Maybe you need to buy a computer or have your PC repaired. Whatever your needs are, give us a try! You’ll be glad you did, like thousands before you.

Our philosophy is simple: take care of our customers! We have been an A+ Rated Accredited Member with the Better Business Bureau since 1995!


Action Computers is dedicated to providing quality refurbished notebooks and desktops at discount prices! Every computer must pass a rigorous refurbishing process crafted over 20 years of experience. Our products are backed by warranties, technical support and the best customer service in Colorado!

You can buy a cheap laptop anywhere, but at Action we take the risk out of buying used equipment! We get new equipment in all the time so please visit one of our stores for Colorado’s largest selection!!


Our A+ Authorized Service Center has been fixing computers since 1993.  We have the fastest and most knowledgeable Service Department in the Denver area, with expert Technical Professionals ready to provide repair services from virus removal to motherboard replacements and everything in between. We service all brands and pride ourselves on being the most helpful and friendliest place to solve your computer problems. Preserve your investment by letting us extend your PC’s usefulness with a wide choice of upgrades.

We also offer expert OnSite and Remote support for both your business and home!


Our goal is to provide you with a full service solution that includes the best value for your used computers and equipment, with available pickup, recycling and data destruction services combined in a convenient experience for you and your company.

As a full service solution for your computer equipment and electronics decommissioning and recycling needs, we believe that the truest form of recycling is reuse. We specialize in refurbishing equipment that still has usable value and locally recycle all other electronics in accordance with EPA and state regulations. We also provide data destruction services for all your computers using the industry standard DoD 5220.22-M Department of Defense Data Sanitizing method.

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