Action Computers is a value added reseller and computer service provider in Denver Colorado. Action can provide computer support for all of your computer, network and server needs. Action Computers has been providing computer and networking support in the Denver Metro area since 1993. Action Computers repairs computer slow down, lockups and other annoying computer system problems caused by virus, spyware or hardware and software failure. We repair desktops, notebooks and servers. Action Computers also sells quality name brand computer hardware and software. Our experience shows in our ability to solve your computer and network problems in a timely manner. Our goal is to solve your computer, server, network, internet and printer problems at the lowest cost to you. We will work hand and hand with you during the planning stage, and then complete your work on time and under budget.



2890 S. Colorado Blvd. Unit # F
Denver, Colorado 80222

(Next To Sprouts Farmers Market)

7527 W. 80th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80003

(80th Ave and Wadsworth Blvd)

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I am really impressed. I just outfitted my new technical business with some really badass and custom computer power! It was a hefty, complicated, HUGE investment and everything had to be built custom to meet some hefty program requirements. It was a two week job and I am really happy. I would ad a few caveats: 1. For bigger jobs, talk to the highest in command. My first bid was by a lower level employee and when Jeff M saw it he completely rebuilt the system, saying the original would not meet the specs. So talk to Jeff or someone else high up for the big complicated stuff.. 2. They are busy. This is a good sign. Phones are ringing and they are going 10 different directions. Don't expect to chit chat: they don't have time. They are distracted so this will lead to item 3. 3. It is going to take some time. Expect to be in here about twice as long as you think. Switching out a mouse? That will take 15-20 minutes. Checking out today with my new system took ONE WHOLE HOUR. But that said, everything was tested and double checked before I went out the door, and I was given specific set up instructions (which I screwed up of course, and they helped me gently over the phone!) I was really pleased and think I got a very fair value for my money, and was treated respectfully by very knowledgeable staff. I hope they aren't sick of me because they are my new IT guys!


You are lucky to have an employee like Aaron in your Service Department. Brought my used dell in with a giant problem (to me)...Aaron proved to be knowledgable and polite and fast. I was out the door 5 minutes later. I will tell anyone who will listen to give Action Computers a try.


Wonderful. I have used Action exclusively for many years, for my repairs and also for used equipment for many office locations. Great prices, knowledgeable staff, and really outstanding repair service. This last visit, I thought my laptop had died for good but they resuscitated it and did so cheerfully and for a small price. Liz at the front desk is great - efficient yet friendly! They have always taken care of me - even when an item didn't work out, they helped me through an exchange to equipment that was just right.


I want to thank you the very patient Employee Jesus for explaining in detail what was going on with my PC I will be returning for all my computer needs thanks again for all your help and courtesy.

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You need a $109 iMac running XBMC.. you just don’t know it yet!

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XBMC Media Center and Minecraft Now Available for ALL new and refurbished computers!

Action Computers is proud to announce the available addition of XBMC and Minecraft to ALL of our new and refurbished desktop, laptop, and Apple computers! Digital media is an important part of our computers these days.  With the large amount … Continue reading

Action Computers donates computers to children in need this summer.

The unfortunate truth is that many children don’t have access to a computer at home and are at a significant disadvantage from those who are more fortunate. Here at Action Computers, we are dedicated to education and want to give … Continue reading


Action Computers was founded in 1994 and specializes in buying, recycling, selling and servicing computer and other electronic equipment. Action Computers is the largest buyer, refurbisher, and retailer of used computers and electronic equipment in Colorado. While we have purchased thousands of computers from large multinationals, we also take care of small local businesses and other organizations, public or private.

We pride ourselves on providing one-stop solutions to organizations needing to dispose of electronic equipment and helping our retail and online customers get the best value and quality when purchasing equipment. If you need service and repairs, we’re your solution! Our A+ Certified Technicians are highly trained to provide you the best and quickest service available in the entire metro area.

Our philosophy is simple: take care of our customers! We have been members of the Better Business Bureau and Tom Martino’s Exclusive Referral List at for over 15 years. Maybe you have equipment to sell or recycle. Maybe you need to buy a computer or have your PC repaired. Whatever your needs are, give us a try! You’ll be glad you did, like thousands before you.


Action Computers is dedicated to providing quality refurbished notebooks and desktops at discount prices! Every computer must pass a rigorous refurbishing process crafted over 20 years of experience. Our products are backed by warranties, technical support and the best customer service in Colorado!

You can buy a cheap laptop anywhere, but at Action we take the risk out of buying used equipment! We get new equipment in all the time so please visit one of our stores for Colorado’s largest selection!!

We have been an A+ Rated Accredited Member with the BBB since 1995!


Our A+ Authorized Service Center has been fixing computers since 1994.  We have the fastest and most knowledgeable Service Department in the Denver area, with expert Technical Professionals ready to provide repair services from virus removal to motherboard replacements and everything in between. We service all brands and pride ourselves on being the most helpful and friendliest place to solve your computer problems. Preserve your investment by letting us extend your PC’s usefulness with a wide choice of upgrades.

We also offer expert OnSite and Remote support for both your business and home!


Our goal is to provide you with a full service solution that includes the best value for your used computers and equipment, with available pickup, recycling and data destruction services combined in a convenient experience for you and your company.

As a full service solution for your computer equipment and electronics decommissioning and recycling needs, we believe that the truest form of recycling is reuse. We specialize in refurbishing equipment that still has usable value and locally recycle all other electronics in accordance with EPA and state regulations. We also provide data destruction services for all your computers using the industry standard DoD 5220.22-M Department of Defense Data Sanitizing method.

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